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We specialize in homeowners and flood insurance on Long Island and in New York State. We provide catered coverages, competitive pricing, and A+ AM Best rated carriers for Nassau and Suffolk county homeowners. Coastal issues, prior claims, cancellations, and non-renewals are not a problem. We have the admitted companies that want the business of north and south shore homeowners. Whether you own a high value waterfront home, a coastal secondary home, or typical family home we have customized programs to suit any of your needs.

As a family owned independent insurance agency on Long Island since 2001 we have secured the insurance marketplace for our clients. Extensive knowledge of the unique needs of our high net worth clientele renders us a leader in high value home insurance in the Hamptons and on the east end of long island. With our enhanced homeowners and automobile packages we can provide you coverages that will broaden your protection and deliver optimal savings at the same time. Whether we match you with multiple insurance coverages or package your coverage with one company, you can be assured we are working hard to provide you the best overall insurance program with optimal savings.

All of our Insurance agents are licensed and continually update their industry knowledge via continuing education classes and insurance seminars. They are knowledgeable in all areas of insurance and financial products such as homeowners insurance and flood insurance throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Our agency has more than 150 years combined insurance experience. We represent most of the major carriers writing homeowners insurance in New York. If you would like a quote or just have a question call (631)782-3175

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ACE Insurance Group acquires Chubb & Fireman’s Fund High Net Worth insurance portfolio, what does this mean to your policies?

The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. has sold its high net worth personal lines insurance portfolio to ACE Ltd. for $365 million. This figure includes not only the reinsurance of existing liabilities but also renewal policy rights.  More importantly, it marks the end of the century-old brand name that was The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company…


What New York Homeowners Need to Know about Home Insurance

When buying a home in New York, there’s a lot to learn and deal with. This is equally true when it comes to learning about homeowners insurance. It’s 2015, and there’s no time to be dealing with purchasing a sub-par policy, or getting a an online home insurance quote that isn’t what you’re looking for. There are many local and national home insurance companies that are…


How to find the best homeowners insurance in New York

Finding the best homeowners insurance in New York can be a daunting task. What really is the “best”? Is it the lowest price? Is it the highest rated company by AM Best? Let’s clarify “the best” …..What you really want is the “best” deal or the lowest premium for the highest value product. There’s good news, New York has one of the most competitive insurance markets…


Home insurance claims: When to make them

The company you’ve paid to protect you can become your adversary. While it’s the insurer’s job to restore you financially, it’s your job to prove your losses. And your perspective on what’s fair compensation won’t always jibe with your insurer’s. The more information you can provide on your claim, the more likely you’ll get your due. If you’ve taken the steps outlined in this lesson, you shouldn’t need outside help in filing your claim…


5 ways to find the most affordable homeowners insurance

Many of my clients look at their homeowners insurance renewals each year and don’t stop to shop the market, often losing out on significant savings. Use these tips to keep your homeowners insurance premiums low and affordable…


Manhattan Home Insurance Policies

In New York City and Manhattan , most people live in cooperatives (co-ops), condominiums (condos), or rent a unit in an apartment building. Whether you own a Condo, a Co-op, a house, or rent in NYC you will still need a form of homeowners insurance. Let’s take a look at the different types of homeowner’s policies available in New York City and see which is one is designed best for your situation…


What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

If you rent an apartment, townhouse or house you should consider the need to protect your assets from a disaster. How much would it cost to replace all of your clothing, furniture and necessities you’ve worked so hard to earn? It can add up to thousands quickly. A low cost renter’s policy may be the answer…


What does Condominium/Cooperative Insurance Cover?

If you’re buying, or own, a condo or co-op you should consider purchasing insurance to protect your investment. How much would it cost to replace all of the upgrades made to your unit? How much would it cost to replace all of your clothing and furniture? It can add up to tens of thousands very quickly. An affordable condo/co-op policy could be the answer.