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Brooklyn Heights NY Homeowners Insurance Policy Options:

1. Coverage A – Primary structure – Commonly referred to as “dwelling”—This is simply your house.

2. Coverage B – Other Structures -Sheds, garages, and other unattached structures are covered with this premium. This is equal to 10% or less the value of coverage A.

3. Coverage C – Personal Property – This covers personal belongings like furniture or electronic items. This is up to 50% of coverage A, and some insurers allow you to cover for replacement cost. You can also choose other coverage for silverware, firearms, and other personal items in your home.

4. Coverage D – Loss of Use – This is valued at up to 20% of coverage A, where you will receive compensation for hotel, motel, dining, and other expenses, in the event you can’t stay in your home for a period of time due to damage.

5. Coverage E – Liability – If your dog bites a visitor in your home and a lawsuit is pending, this insurance covers you. Basically it protects you from personal liability for these and other possible issues which arise on your property.

6. Coverage F – Medical Payments – This covers medical expenses for coverage E injuries regardless of which party is at fault.



Insured policy options:

“All risk” and “Named Perils” are the two options of coverage you can choose from when it comes to a homeowner’s insurance policy. With named perils, you are covering the specific perils that are named within the policy, for example- wind, fire, theft, etc. All-risk coverage will simply cover you for everything except for those perils that are specifically excluded, for example- flood, nuclear, war, etc.

With this coverage you have five types of policy options, which are:
A) HO1 – This is basic coverage protecting 11 named perils which include: lighting/electric, mischief, civil unrest, explosions, etc.
B) HO2 – This protects HO1, plus 7 additional named perils including: falling items, bursting steam/water, leaking, freezing pipes, etc.
C) HO3 – This protects HO1 and HO2, plus named contents in your home. This is typically the most chosen policy protection option for homeowners.
D) HO3 with HO15 – Covers your home and personal property plus unnamed items in the above coverage options. It is the broadest of all protection options.
E) HO8 – This is a modified policy which covers architectural homes, preserved homes, and is typically geared towards older homes in need of additional structural protection on them.

Other coverage options –
HO6 – This condo protection policy covers items not protected under your HOA. Floors, ceiling covers, and accessories. It protects additional coverage for medical protection, loss of land use, and other personal loss.

HO4 – Renter’s coverage protects the home for items not covered in HO2 and covers for additional living expenses if required depending on the level of damage to the home.

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Optional Coverage Options

You can buy additional protection to cover personal endorsements in your homeowner’s policy. These endorsements include:

  1. Guaranteed dwelling which covers your home’s market value.
  2. Guaranteed contents covers items in the home, minus depreciation value over time.
  3. Other structural endorsements cover larger structures like a gazebo or detached structures.
  4. Sewer and drain covers from leaks, or burst pipes not covered above.
  5. Scheduled personal endorsements covers items like jewelry, collections, firearms, etc.
  6. Blanket endorsement covers scheduled personal endorsements like an umbrella coverage. No standard limits are in place for this coverage.
  7. Secondary residence applies to coverage for any secondary homes you own.
  8. Home daycare covers your home if it is used for this business purpose.
  9. Business pursuits covers your home if you operate a business out of it. Computers, electronics, and other items used in the line of business, are covered under this protection endorsement.
  10. Home business endorsement extends to businesses operated out of the home; this protection is only available for small businesses run out of the home.
  11. Personal injury covers you if you are sued for defamation , and similar lawsuits, it also extends to rental properties.
  12. Ordinance coverage protects your home under current codes which are in place.
  13. Watercraft endorsement covers vessels, boats, and small marine vessels you own.
  14. Theft coverage protects motor vehicles, vessels, trailers, or similar items, without forced entry.
  15. Credit card forgery protects for unauthorized use of stolen credit cards from the home.
  16. Flood insurance should be purchased if you live in a plain area. NFIP (national flood insurance protection) offers different coverage terms.
  17. Earthquake insurance is available with most insurers for damage stemming from earthquakes. Coverage levels and costs will vary typically based upon where you live and possibility of such occurrences in the area.

Discount options available:

Discounts up to 14% may be extended for new homes. Security systems like deadbolts, or monitoring systems may also provide discounts of 1 to 5% for homeowners. With sophisticated monitoring equipment, up to 20% discounts may also be extended to homeowners.

For those who combine their policies with the same insurer, discounts ranging from 5 to 15% are offered on certain premium coverage options purchased. Carrier longevity also provides a discount; depending on how long you’ve been with an insurer, your rates will go down over the years. Retired homeowners can also save on average up to 5% on their coverage premium with insurers. And, as a non smoker, there are certain carriers which do provide a discount of up to 5% on the homeowner and additional coverage options you purchase through them.

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About Brooklyn Heights NY:

Brooklyn Heights is an affluent residential neighborhood within the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Originally referred to as Brooklyn Village, it has been a prominent area of Brooklyn since 1834. The neighborhood is noted for its low-rise architecture and its many brownstone rowhouses, most of them built prior to the Civil War. It also has an abundance of notable churches and other religious institutions. Brooklyn’s first art gallery, the Brooklyn Arts Gallery, was opened in Brooklyn Heights in 1958. In 1965, a large part of Brooklyn Heights was protected from unchecked development by the creation of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, the first such district in New York City. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966.

Directly across the East River from Manhattan and connected to it by subways and regular ferry service, Brooklyn Heights is also easily accessible from Downtown Brooklyn. The neighborhood stretches from Old Fulton Street near the Brooklyn Bridge south to Atlantic Avenue and from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to Court Street and Cadman Plaza West. Adjacent neighborhoods are Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn,Cobble Hill, and Boerum Hill. Columbia Heights, an upscale six-block-long street next to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, is sometimes considered to be its own neighborhood.

As of 2000, Brooklyn Heights had a population of 22,594 people. The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 2, and is served by the 84th Precinct of the New York City Police Department at 301 Gold Street in nearby Downtown Brooklyn. Fire services from the Fire Department of New York City come from Engine Company 205 and Ladder Company 118 at 74 Middagh Street, Engine Company 207 and Ladder Company 110 at 172 Tillary Street, and Engine Company 224 at 27 Hicks Street.