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Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

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Learn More About Home Insurance in CT

Money-saving insurance discounts for your Connecticut home

  • New home discount: Modern construction often includes extra safety features. Save up to 14% for new construction.
  • Discounts for security systems: Most Connecticut homes already qualify for a discount for deadbolts and smoke detectors. Alarms with monitoring and sprinkler systems can earn discounts of up to 20%.
  • Save by bundling policies: You can save 5% to 15% by bundling your home and auto policies with the same carrier.
  • Loyalty discounts: It pays to stay with a trusted carrier. Many of our insurers offer a discount for staying with them for a number of years.
  • Discounts for retirees: Some insurance carriers offer a discount for retired homeowners.
  • Discounts for non-smokers: Improved safety is its own reward, but select insurers also offer a discount for non-smokers.

Discounts can vary by insurer. Be sure to ask your agent if you qualify for other discounts.




Home insurance basics: understanding your coverage

Your Connecticut home insurance policy includes several key coverages. Some focus on your home itself while others offer broader protection, including personal liability protection and even additional living expenses like hotels and eating out.

Coverage A: Dwelling

You can think of Coverage A as the part of your insurance policy that protects your home itself. Your home insurance policy pays to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged due to a covered risk.

Coverage B: Other structures

Many Connecticut homeowners also have other structures on their property, such as sheds, gazebos, fences, or detached garages. Coverage B pays to repair or rebuild these other structures if they are damaged due to a covered risk.

Coverage C: Personal property

When it comes to protecting your personal belongings, you’ll be glad you partnered with the experts at Coastal Insurance. Coverage C pays to repair or replace your personal property if it’s damaged, destroyed, or stolen in a covered claim. Basic coverage is included with all home insurance policies, but Connecticut homeowners may wish to customize their coverage to provide full protection, especially for valuables like jewelry or antiques. Your coverage even protects your personal belongings while you’re traveling or while in your car.

Coverage D: Additional living expenses

It’s easy to underestimate the extra costs associated with a covered claim. If damage to your home forces you to leave your home temporarily, additional living expenses, such as hotel rooms or eating out can add up quickly. Fortunately, your home insurance policy offers a way to cover these costs and you can customize your policy, so you don’t pay for more coverage than you need.

Coverage E: Personal liability

We tend to think of a homeowner’s insurance policy as protection for the home itself. However, an essential part of your coverage also offers protection against common personal liability risks. Accidents can happen in even the most careful of households. Your home insurance policy can help pay for unintentional injuries to others and even unintentional damage to the property of others.

If you accidentally knock down the neighbor’s fence with your new riding lawn mower, your personal liability coverage can help. Of course, the real financial risk comes from injuries caused to others. Your personal liability coverage can protect your home, savings, and future earnings with policy limits reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Coverage F – Medical payments

Many times, household mishaps, slips and falls result in minor injuries that can be easily treated. Coverage F, medical payments to others, can help protect your savings account and settle situations amicably by offering to pay for medical costs associated with smaller injuries, regardless of who is at fault.


Protect your Connecticut home against common risks

Most single-family homeowners insurance policies sold today are either HO-3 or HO-5, while specialized policies can cover condos or apartments. The two main policy types differ on how they cover your personal property but are similar in more ways than they differ.

First, you need full protection for your home itself. Our HO-3 and HO-5 homeowners’ insurance policies protect your house against nearly all risks, including fire, lightning, wind and hail, and many types of water damage. This type of coverage is called all-risk because it protects your home against all risks — except a clearly defined list of exclusions. Some examples of exclusions can include intentional damage or damage to your home due to wear and tear. Your policy protects your home against nearly all perils Connecticut weather can bring as well as many other risks.

Where you’ll find a divergence is in coverage for your personal property. An HO-5 policy extends this all-risk coverage to your personal property as well, whereas an HO-3 policy limits the covered perils to a list of named perils, which helps keep coverage more affordable. With both types of policies, you’ll find common concerns such as theft, vandalism, fire, and many types of water damage are covered.

If you own a condo, rent an apartment, or if you own a rental property, just reach out to the experienced agents at Coastal Insurance to get a customized quote to protect your home and belongings. For example, a condo policy offers many of the same protections as offered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, but at a reduced cost because you art ensuring the entire structure. Similarly, a policy for rental properties offers specialized protection for landlords.




Customize your Connecticut homeowners insurance policy

Even among homes in the same housing development, no two homes are exactly alike. Often, it makes sense to customize the coverage for your Connecticut home to match both your budget and your coverage priorities.

  • Inflation guard: Some insurers offer an easy way to be sure your home is fully covered by adjusting the insured value of your home to keep pace with inflation.
  • Guaranteed dwelling endorsement: Anything from supply-chain issues to labor shortages can affect the cost of rebuilding your home. Insurers and agents work hard to get rebuilding costs right, but the reality is that things can change. With a guaranteed dwelling coverage endorsement, small cost overruns – and maybe even bigger ones – can be covered even if they exceed your policy limit.
  • Guaranteed contents endorsement: On a standard home insurance policy, most types of personal property use an insured value that factors in depreciation. With this policy option, you can protect your personal belongings up to their full replacement value.
  • Sewer and drains endorsement: A standard home insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for drain or sewer backups. These types of mishaps can be expensive to repair. Fortunately, you can add this coverage option to many policies.
  • Personal articles floater: We know that some items in your home are more precious than others. With a personal articles floater, you can add full replacement cost coverage for specific items in your home. As an extra benefit, these items enjoy protection against more risks and aren’t subject to a deductible. Alternatively, you can use a blanket endorsement to cover multiple items in your home.
  • Home business endorsements: Working from home is more common than ever before but some types of business activity at your home may not be covered by a standard policy. In some cases, the best solution is simply to add a rider to your policy that brings new coverage for these risks. In other cases, it may make sense to add a specialized business insurance policy that better protects both your business and your family.

While the basic coverages provided by many homeowners insurance policies are often similar, the difference is in the details and often your policy can be customized further to meet your specific needs.




Specialized policies or riders for weather events

While homeowners’ insurance policies cover most risks to your Connecticut home, you’ll still find some gaps that you might want to cover with a rider or an additional policy. Among the more common types of risks to consider are floods, also called overland flooding. Your home insurance policy protects your home against many types of water risks, but overland flooding requires a separate insurance policy. Fortunately, recent changes in flood insurance regulations allow you to easily choose your flood insurance provider and coverage details.

Other risks, like earth movement, may also be excluded from a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Some insurers offer earthquake coverage as an add-on. In other cases, you may be able to purchase coverage with a separate policy.


Why choose Coastal Insurance?

For many Connecticut households, their home is among the largest single investments they’ll make in their lifetime. Homeowners insurance isn’t difficult to understand, but coverage options can sometimes be more complex, and it makes sense to work with experienced experts to help guide you through the process. Your home insurance covers much more than just your home.

Just reach out to us or start with our secure, online form. We’ll respond with a choice of quotes and insurers and then give you the details you’ll need to make an informed decision. With Coastal insurance, there’s no need to choose by price alone. We’ll help you get the coverage your family needs at a price that fits your budget.

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