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Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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Highly Competitive Homeowners Rates

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Welcome to Homeowners Insurance Solutions

Long Island & New York Home Insurance

We specialize in homeowners and flood insurance on Long Island and in New York State. We provide catered coverages, competitive pricing, and A+ AM Best rated carriers for Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners. Coastal issues, prior claims, cancellations, and non-renewals are not a problem. We have the admitted companies that want the business of north and south shore homeowners. Whether you own a high-value waterfront home, a coastal secondary home, or typical family home we have customized programs to suit any of your needs.

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As a family owned independent insurance agency on Long Island since 2001 we have secured the insurance marketplace for our clients. Extensive knowledge of the unique needs of our high net worth clientele renders us a leader in high-value homeowners insurance in the Hamptons and on the east end of long island. With our enhanced homeowners and automobile packages, we can provide you coverages that will broaden your protection and deliver optimal savings at the same time. Whether we match you with multiple insurance coverages or package your coverage with one company, you can be assured we are working hard to provide you the best overall insurance program with optimal savings.

All of our Insurance agents are licensed and continually update their industry knowledge via continuing education classes and insurance seminars. They are knowledgeable in all areas of insurance and financial products such as homeowners insurance and flood insurance throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island NY.

Our agency has more than 150 years combined insurance experience. We represent most of the major homeowners insurance carriers writing homeowners insurance in New York. If you would like a quote or just have a question call (631)782-3175

High Value Homeowners Insurance Carriers: Pure Insurance AIG – The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Verified Google Reviews

I have used Allstate for my homeowners insurance for over 12 years. After buying my second home in mount sinai, my real estate broker recommended Coastal Insurance Solutions. I gave them a call and I was able to save 30% from my current home insurance package. Great rates! Staff is super helpful!

David Montalvo

I have been using this company for my auto insurance for years now with no complaints and only positive things to say. My rep Daniel Gorman is as professional as they come. He has always gone the extra mile to save me money on my insurance, and if needed will return my calls and emails on the weekends if I have any questions. I highly recommend this company, 5 stars across the board!

Tom Sullivan

I was researching options for lower homeowners insurance and looking for a local agent. Daniel Gorman was extremely responsive to my request, without being pushy. He presented me with several viable options and suggested a conversation take place with my current agent to get a comparison. End result was more appropriate coverage for my needs at reduced costs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for new insurance options.

Taina Unverzagt

Bundle Your Policies to Maximize Savings!

Providing Homeowners Insurance to NY and Long Island Since 2001

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How Do Insurance Escrow Accounts Operate?

Escrow Account Insurance Escrow 101 An escrow account is established to collect payments such as your homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and other items in equal installments over the year. The bills are then paid as they fall due. If the lender agrees you [...]

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Is Your Home Insurance Too High?

When people make large claims, one of the main issues they’re going to deal with is finding out their home is underinsured. Even so, when people check the cost of their home insurance, they often want to reduce costs as much as possible. New buyers are often surprised to find out just how much they need to pay to insure their home, while people who’ve had a home for a long time may feel quite annoyed to see that their property’s insurance value has increased, while its resale value may not have followed the same trend.

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Your Home Insurance Premiums Could Be Increasing: Here’s Why

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5 Mistakes First Time Buyers Make

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How to Help Your Client Sell Their Home in a Flood Zone

Compared to selling other types of properties, selling a property in a flood zone is always more difficult. These properties are located in areas that FEMA considers high risk due to their risk of flooding and low elevation. If a property is located in a [...]

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How Much Homeowners Insurance do I need?

Insurance is required in order to cover not only your liability to others, but also your personal belongings, your property's structure and the cost of extra living expenses in the event your property is damaged and you need to live in a hotel until it's [...]

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The 5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In NY

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What property is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy?

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