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As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal

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ny homeowners insurance

New York Homeowners Insurance

From Long Island to Buffalo, New York Homeowners Insurance is by no means one size fits all. The New York State Licensed Insurance Advisors at Coastal Insurance Solutions will help you compare customized quotes from the top insurance companies to fit your unique needs.

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ct homeowners insurance rates

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut Homeowners seeking to maximize both coverage and value can combine home, auto and umbrella policies from the finest insurers in the state with Coastal Insurance Solutions. Compare customized quotes from our team today.

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nj homeowners insurancy policy

New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

Residents of the Garden State have a great deal to consider when choosing the right coverage for their homes. Partner with our team of New Jersey home insurance experts to compare quotes and customize your coverage.

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homeowners insurance fl

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida is notoriously challenging for both homeowners seeking insurance as well as the insurance companies providing coverage. This dynamic and complex insurance market means that residents of the sunshine state need to partner with an experienced independent agent like Coastal Insurance Solutions.

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ca homeowners insurance

California Homeowners Insurance

From earthquakes to wildfires, California homeowners have many perils to consider when insuring their homes. Whether your home is on the coast, the valley or in the mountains, our experienced team of licensed insurance advisors will help you secure the coverage you need.

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tx homeowners insurance

Texas Homeowners Insurance

The great state of Texas is famous for large homes on expansive properties as well as rapidly expanding cities. While it’s true that everything is bigger in Texas, your insurance premium should be the exception. We partner with the finest insurers in Texas to offer superior coverage at maximum value.

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az homeowners insurance

Arizona Homeowners Insurance

Our team of experienced insurance advisors works with families throughout Arizona and across the nation to design homeowners insurance packages customized to your unique needs.

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co homeowners insurance

Colorado Homeowners Insurance

Colorado homeowners can look no further than our state licensed team of insurance advisors when looking to compare customized home insurance quotes. We offer coverage designed for urban, suburban, and rural mountain homes.

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homeowners insurance delaware

Delaware Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners in Delaware, the historic first state, can partner with Coastal Insurance Solutions to compare customized home insurance quotes. Our team of state licensed advisors will find you the best coverage and lowest rates from the finest insurers offering coverage in Delaware.

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ga homeowners insurance

Georgia Homeowners Insurance

From the sprawling metropolis of Atlanta to coastal Savannah, Georgia represents a complex market for homeowner insurance. Let our Georgia state licensed advisors navigate this complexity by customizing a policy to fit your unique insurance needs.

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id homeowners insurance

Idaho Homeowners Insurance

Idaho’s households have unique insurance needs. With a well-designed homeowners insurance package, you’ll find a better way to insure your home, your belongings, and your independent lifestyle.

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homeowners insurance icon il

Illinois Homeowners Insurance

While famous for Chicago on the banks of Lake Michigan, Illinois is a midwestern state with 6th largest population in the United States. With all those homes, Illinois homeowners have lots of options when selecting insurance. Our experienced team of insurance advisors will help you find the best coverage at the lowest rates.

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la homeowners insurance

Louisiana Homeowners Insurance

Carriers such as PURE, AIG Private Client, Chubb, and Cincinnati Insurance are just some of the providers we work with to find the best coverage options at the lowest price possible. hink of your home insurance policy as customizable core protection, with multiple ways to tailor your coverage to protect the success you’ve built.

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me homeowners insurance

Maine Homeowners Insurance

Fine homes in Portland and South Portland, Rockport, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunkport, and other areas of the Pine Tree State benefit from specialized homeowners insurance that provides higher coverage limits and more ways to customize your coverage.

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md homeowners insurance

Maryland Homeowners Insurance

With more than 4,000 miles of shoreline on Chesapeake Bay and its proximity to our nation’s capital, Maryland can be a challenging state for homeowners seeking insurance. Our experienced team of state licensed advisors will partner with you to compare rates from the finest insurers in Maryland and secure the coverage you need.

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mass. homeowners insurance

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

From the Berkshires to Cape Cod, historic Massachusetts features a highly competitive marketplace for homeowner insurance. This means that with the right independent agent, you could be getting superior coverage at lower rates. Our team of experience insurance advisors can help you compare customized quotes for your Massachusetts home.

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mi homeowners insurance

Michigan Homeowners Insurance

Michigan features two peninsulas surrounded by the Great Lakes and a rich history of industrialism. Homeowners in Michigan have unique challenges when it comes to properly insuring their homes. The team at Coastal Insurance Solution will customize a policy to fit your individual insurance needs.

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nv homeowners insurance

Nevada Homeowners Insurance

With nearly three quarters of residents living in Clark County and the Las Vegas metropolitan area, Homeowners in the Silver State require specialized coverage to properly insure their Nevada homes. Partner with our team of Nevada home insurance experts to compare quotes and customize your coverage.

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nh homeowners insurance

New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance

Homes in coastal areas including Hampton, North Hampton, New Castle, and Portsmouth as well as affluent areas near Dartmouth College, Manchester, Nashua, and Concord need special insurance coverage specifically designed to protect New Hampshire’s households.

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nc homeowners insurance policies

North Carolina Homeowners Insurance

Famous for its coast on the Atlantic Ocean as well as major metropolitan areas like Charlotte and Raleigh, homeowners in North Carolina can often find that insuring their property can be a challenge. The highly experienced team at Coastal Insurance Solutions has access to all the top insurers in the state and will tailor a customized policy to your unique needs.

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ohio homeowners insurance

Ohio Homeowners Insurance

From Cleveland on the banks of Lake Erie to major cities like Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio and its homes offer great diversity. Ohio homeowners looking for superior coverage at the lowest possible rates will benefit from partnering with our team of insurance advisors to compare customized quotes.

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pa homeowners insurance options

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

Historic Pennsylvania features the fifth highest population in country despite a diverse geography with over 60% of the state forested and mountainous. Our experienced team of state licensed advisors will partner with you to compare rates from the finest insurers in Pennsylvania and secure the coverage you need.

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ri standard homeowners insurance

Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance

Despite being the smallest state by land size, the Ocean State is the second most densely populated state in the nation. From its capital in Providence to the coast on Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island homeowners have much to consider when insuring their properties.  Our team of state licensed advisors will find you the best coverage and lowest rates from the finest insurers offering coverage in Rhode Island.

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sc homeowners insurance

South Carolina Homeowners Insurance

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to its coast on the Atlantic Ocean, homeowners in South Carolina can often find it difficult to secure home insurance that meets their coverage needs at an affordable rate.  The highly experienced team at Coastal Insurance Solutions has access to all the top insurers in the state and will tailor a customized policy to your unique needs.

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homeowners incurance premiums tennessee

Tennessee Homeowners Insurance

Famous for Nashville and Memphis, its often the Mississippi River the presents the greatest challenge to Tennessee homeowners and insurance companies. Our state licensed insurance advisors at Coastal Insurance Solutions will help you compare customized quotes from the top insurance companies to fit your unique needs.

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ut homeowners insurannce

Utah Homeowners Insurance

Homes in areas east of Utah Lake, including Provo, Salt Lake City, and Springville have special insurance considerations. But with Utah’s varied terrain, risk can come in different forms. We can help you protect your Utah home whether you’re in a lake community, a skiing community like Park City, or in the breathtaking nature views of Moab or Kamas.

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vt homeowners insurance

Vermont Homeowners Insurance

Home to the Green Mountains and world-renowned ski resorts, Vermont homeowners have special coverage considerations. The highly experienced team at Coastal Insurance Solutions has access to all the top insurers in the state and will tailor a customized policy to your unique needs.

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virginia homeowners insurance

Virginia Homeowners Insurance

The Commonwealth of Virginia, sometimes call The Old Dominion, is a diverse state in terms of climate and geography. From Virginia Beach to Richmond, homeowners in Virginia have much to consider when choosing property insurance. Partner with our team of Virginia home insurance experts to compare quotes and customize your coverage.

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washington homeowners insurance

Washington Homeowners Insurance

At Coastal Insurance, our team of advisors works with successful households throughout the nation to provide customized insurance options designed to protect your home, your belongings, and your lifestyle. 

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wi homeowners insurance

Wisonsin Homeowners Insurance

Flanked by Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, Wisconsin also features major metropolitan areas such as Milwaukie, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Madison. Homeowners in Wisconsin have unique challenges when it comes to properly insuring their homes. The team at Coastal Insurance Solution will customize a policy to fit your individual insurance needs.

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Choosing The Best Homeowners Insurance Deductible

What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover all risks to your home, except a handful of exclusions, including neglect or intentional damage. This broad coverage offers protection against the most common threats to your home.

You choose your coverage limits when you purchase your policy. Our seasoned insurance advisors can help you determine your home’s rebuild value, helping to ensure you have enough protection.

Coverage for your belongings can be either replacement cost or actual cash value.

  • Cash value coverage takes a deduction for depreciation in a covered claim. Most homes have a mix of old and new belongings. Insuring for cash value helps keep premiums more affordable.
  • Replacement cost coverage for personal property allows you to replace your belongings in a covered claim without a depreciation deduction. This policy structure makes the coverage for your belongings much like the coverage for your home itself.

Similar to the coverage for your home structure, you choose your coverage limits for personal property, customizing your policy to match your unique needs.

The ABC’s of Homeowners Insurance

Today’s home insurance policies use a letter system to describe coverage elements within your policy. Each coverage element offers a unique way to protect your home, your savings, or your lifestyle.

  • Coverage A – Dwelling: The dwelling coverage for your home protects the home structure itself as well as attached fixtures, including counters, floors, plumbing, and more.
  • Coverage B – Other structures: Many homes have sheds, fences, gazebos, or detached garages. Coverage B protects these other structures using the same all-risk coverage available for your home. Standard policies set the coverage limit for other structures at 10% of your home’s insured value. Customize your policy limits to suit your needs.
  • Coverage C – Personal property: While Coverage A protects your home itself, Coverage C protects the things that make a house a home. Your policy covers your belongings at your home or even when you travel.
  • As a default value, many policies offer a personal property coverage limit equal to 50% of your home’s insured value, with an option to customize your coverage as needed.
  • Most policies provide actual cash value coverage, which depreciates insured value for many items according to age. However, insurers also offer replacement cost coverage, which provides enough protection to repair or replace personal property damaged in a covered claim.
  • You’ll also have options to insure jewelry and other valuables to full value and against additional risks.
  • Coverage D – Additional living expenses: If a covered claim forces you to leave your home while repairs are completed, your policy can pay for your additional living expenses, including hotels or the extra cost of eating out. Like other parts of your policy, you can choose your coverage limit for additional living expenses.
  • Coverage E – Personal liability insurance: Dog bite claim payouts recently surpassed $50,000, on average. Your home insurance policy protects against many personal liability risks such as dog bites, accidental injuries, slip and fall accidents on your property, and more. Your liability coverage can also pay for accidental damage to the property of others, such as a game of catch that ends with a neighbor’s broken window.
  • Coverage F – Medical payments: Available with coverage limits of up to $5,000, Coverage F can pay the medical expenses for minor injuries caused to others, regardless of who is at fault.

Save More with Homeowners Insurance Discounts

The right discounts make homeowners insurance more affordable without cutting corners on coverage. Our experienced insurance advisors look for available discounts that can reduce your home insurance premiums without sacrificing the coverage you need. 

  • New construction discount: Is your home newly built? Many insurers offer discounts for new construction with savings of up to 14%. Significant savings may also be available for newer homes built within the past 5 to 10 years.
  • Savings for home upgrades: Recent updates to your home’s electrical, heating, or plumbing systems can reduce premiums.
  • Save by bundling policies: Save up to 15% by purchasing home and auto insurance through the same provider.
  • Security and safety systems discounts: Smoke detectors, deadbolts, and basic alarm systems can save you up to 5% on your home insurance premiums. More advanced security systems can boost savings up to 20% for some homes.
  • Advance purchase discounts: Some insurers offer a discount for binding coverage 7 to 10 days before your policy goes into effect. Let our experienced advisors help you find the right coverage ahead of time to save more.
  • Roof upgrades: If you’ve recently replaced your roof, many insurers can offer lower rates.

The discounts listed above represent just some of the ways to save. Let our independent advisors help you find discounts for which you may be eligible. 

Coverage for Single-Family Homes, Renters, or Condo Owners

Our experienced advisors help you choose the right policy type to protect your home and belongings. Renters need a different policy type than homeowners. Similarly, condo owners and landlords each require a special policy that covers the unique risks for those property owners.

  • HO-3 – Special extended homeowner: As the most common type of home insurance for single-family homes, an HO-3 policy provides all-risk coverage for your home and other structures while providing named-peril coverage for personal property. This policy structure helps keep premiums affordable while focusing protection where you have the greatest risk of financial loss. HO-3 policies also offer liability insurance personalized to your needs.
  • HO-4 Renters insurance: Because renters don’t own the building, an HO-4 renters insurance policy offers lower premiums while still protecting personal property and insuring personal liability risks. A renters insurance policy provides Coverage C, D, E, and F found on a home insurance policy but does not cover the rented building or other structures on the property.
  • HO-5 Policy or HO-3 Policy with HO-15 Endorsement: Many insurers offer ways to enhance protection for your home and belongings using an HO-5 policy or an add-on to your HO-3 policy called an HO-15 endorsement. These policy choices can expand coverage for your personal property to protect against a broader range of risks.
  • HO-6 Condo insurance: A condo owners policy offers a similar structure to a homeowners insurance policy, protecting against risks not insured by the condo association’s policy. Your condo insurance provides customized coverage for personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses, and medical payments for injuries to others. Your policy also protects improvements you’ve made to your condo, such as kitchen upgrades or flooring.
  • DP-3 Landlord insurance: Property owners who rent their property to others have unique coverage considerations. A DP-3 landlord policy addresses the specific needs of landlords and often includes higher liability insurance options.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Home

Each homeowner has unique coverage needs and priorities. You can customize your home protection to match your individual needs through optional endorsements or additional policies that address specific risks.

An endorsement refers to an add-on to your policy that changes how your coverage applies in certain situations. For some risks, such as floods, a separate policy may offer the best solution.

Here are some common coverage choices selected by homeowners:

  • Inflation guard endorsement: The cost of labor and building materials can change over time. With an inflation guard endorsement, your policy can automatically adjust your coverage limits to help ensure you have enough coverage. 
  • Guaranteed dwelling coverage: With this option, your policy can pay to rebuild your home even if the rebuild cost exceeds your coverage limits due to spikes in the price of labor or materials.
  • Scheduled coverage for valuables: Jewelry, art, and other valuable items benefit from dedicated coverage that expands covered risks and insures your most precious items to their full value. 
  • Home business endorsement: A standard home insurance policy can’t cover most business-related risks. However, a home policy with a home business endorsement can cover many home-based business liability risks.
  • Earthquake endorsement: Most home insurance policies exclude coverage for landslides, sinkholes, and earthquakes. Adding an earthquake endorsement to your policy offers a powerful way to protect your home against earth movement risks.
  • Windstorm coverage: Most home insurance policies include windstorm coverage. But in some at-risk areas, you may need to add a windstorm endorsement or choose a separate windstorm deductible. Our experienced insurance advisors can guide you through your options for windstorm coverage.
  • Flood coverage: Homes in low-lying areas or homes near water sources can face flood risks. Our advisors can help you craft a flood insurance coverage strategy that compliments your home policy. We work with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and several private market flood insurance providers to find you the best coverage at the lowest price possible.

Dozens of available endorsements or policy choices let you personalize your coverage to match your unique risks and lifestyle.

Reach out Today to Compare Rates from Top Insurers

Give us a few minutes to learn about your insurance needs. We’ll take it from there. Our independent insurance advisors provide up to 10 no-obligation quotes from leading insurers in just minutes.

You don’t need to be an insurance expert to choose the right coverage for your home. We’ll explain your choices in a way that’s easy to understand and suggest coverage options that can enhance your protection.

For most households, the family home is the largest single purchase they will ever make. Let the experienced insurance advisors at Coastal Insurance help you protect your home and family at the best price possible.

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