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As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal


As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal

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High Value Home Insurance Packages

Comprehensive Coverage for High-Net-Worth Households

  • Protect your home and safeguard your assets
  • Rest easy with industry-leading claims handling
  • Confidential risk analysis with experienced risk-management advisors
  • Protect your legacy with coverage limits up to $100 million
Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals
new york high value home insurance

New York High Value Home Insurance

You’ve worked your entire life to accumulate the assets you have now. Our experienced, New York State-licensed Private Client Advisors work with you to build a customized package that protects your home as well as your family’s lifestyle.

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connecticut high value home insurance

High Value Home Insurance

We work with the highest-caliber insurers in the industry, including PURE, Chubb, AIG, Cincinnati Insurance, NatGen Premier, to provide you with the protection that best fits your needs.  The finest of homes deserve the finest protection.

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new jersey high value home insurance

New Jersey High Value Home Insurance

With the most millionaires per capita in the nation, New Jersey homeowners have more to protect. A customized high-value home insurance package offers higher coverage limits when compared to traditional homeowners insurance.

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florida high value home insurance

Florida High Value Home Insurance

With more than 1 in 20 Florida households worth $1 million or more, it’s clear that the Sunshine State grows a lot more than sugarcane and citrus. The state is a leading wealth producer and protecting what you’ve earned is paramount.

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california high value home insurance

California High Value Home Insurance

California’s nickname of The Golden State is fitting in many ways. For Californians with more to protect, it makes sense to look for a more comprehensive insurance package that offers more complete protection.

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texas high value home insurance

Texas High Value Home Insurance

While a standard policy meets the needs of most households, Texas families like yours benefit from the expanded protections offered by a homeowners policy designed to meet the needs of high-net-worth households.

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az high value insurance

Arizona High Value Home Insurance

Arizona’s continuing growth provides more financial opportunity, and with increased opportunity come unique insurance needs for high-net-worth households. At Coastal Insurance, protecting your legacy is our top priority.

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colorado home insurance

Colorado High Value Home Insurance

Colorado’s luxury homes in affluent Denver-area communities of Golden and Evergreen, Boulder, and mountain-oasis towns of Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat Springs need special insurance coverage designed for high-net-worth households.

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delaware home insurance

Delaware High Value Home Insurance

The right high-value home insurance package can protect the success you’ve built, insuring not just your Delaware home, but also bringing customized coverage for personal liability, cars, watercraft, valuables, and more.

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georgia high value home insurance

Georgia High Value Home Insurance

The Peach State has a storied history with hurricanes, floods, fires, and other risks to homes, with storms being among the most common risks and often the most damaging.  More than half of all home fires are caused by cooking mishaps.

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idaho high value home insurance

Idaho High Value Home Insurance

For Idaho’s successful households, there’s more to protect. Idaho’s high-net-worth households have unique insurance needs. With a well-designed high-value home insurance package, you’ll find a better way to insure your home, your belongings, and your independent lifestyle.

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illinois high value home insurance

Illinois High Value Home Insurance

High-net-worth households have special coverage considerations. As an agency well-versed in the insurance needs of affluent families, Coastal Insurance knows your home represents both an emotional and financial investment.

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louisiana high value insurancee

Louisiana High Value Home Insurance

At Coastal Insurance, our team of experienced insurance advisors works with successful families and high-net-worth individuals to design a comprehensive insurance package that protects both your home and your independent lifestyle at the best price possible.

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me high value insurance provider

Maine High Value Home Insurance

Luxury homes in seaside towns from York to Camden and further east need special insurance coverage matched to the needs of successful families and built to protect against risks unique to each area.

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maryland high value home insurace

Maryland High Value Home Insurance

We work with the highest-caliber insurers in the industry, including PURE, Chubb, AIG, Cincinnati Insurance, NatGen Premier, to provide you with the protection that best fits your needs.  The finest of homes deserve the finest protection.

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massachusetts high value home insurance

Massachusetts High Value Home Insurance

For centuries, Massachusetts has been synonymous with opportunity and recent growth in tech continues to fuel the state’s economy. A specialized homeowners insurance package can protect your legacy in ways standard coverage cannot.

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luxury michigan home insurance

Michigan High Value Home Insurance

Traditional coverage can leave troubling gaps due to coverage limits and policy structure. Michigan’s luxury homes with a rebuild value of $1 million or more benefit from the coverage options that come with a specialized high-value policy.

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nevada high value home insurance

Nevada High Value Home Insurance

The right home insurance policy can protect your luxury home in Las Vegas, Henderson, or other areas while also safeguarding your independent Nevada lifestyle with expanded coverage options and generous liability coverage limits.

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new hampshire luxury insurance

New Hampshire High Value Home Insurance

High-value homes in coastal areas including Hampton, North Hampton, New Castle, and Portsmouth as well as affluent areas near Dartmouth College, Manchester, Nashua, and Concord need special insurance coverage specifically designed to protect New Hampshire’s high-net-worth households.

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north carolina high value home insurance

North Carolina High Value Home Insurance

From fine homes nestled in Asheville’s mountain-top communities to Raleigh-Durham’s exclusive neighborhoods up to the Outer Banks, North Carolina offers a unique range of beauty. There’s also more to protect against.

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high value home insurance ohio

Ohio High Value Home Insurance

The right home insurance is essential, but a well-designed home insurance package considers all your insurance needs, identifying areas where your family may have risk and crafting a cost-effective coverage solution.

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pennsylvania high value home insurance

Pennsylvania High Value Home Insurance

The Keystone State is home to some of the most exclusive areas in the nation. Distinctive construction details, high-end furnishings, and even expensive collections can add to the complexity of insurance coverage for your Pennsylvania home.

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high value rhode island home insurance

Rhode Island High Value Home Insurance

The Ocean State brings together the historic charm and coastal serenity unlike anyplace else in the nation. You’ll find expansive policy options and coverage limits that can fully protect your home, valuables, and liability concerns.

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south carolina high value home insurance

South Carolina High Value Home Insurance

Luxury households in South Carolina have unique insurance needs. For high net worth households, a high value home insurance package offers a complete solution to protect not only your home but also the legacy you’ve built.

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tenneessee high value home insurance

Tennessee High Value Home Insurance

Wind, floods, and wildfires are just some of the risks to Tennessee homes brought by nature. Accidental risks like water damage threaten homes in the Volunteer State as well. You’ll need the right types of coverage to protect your home properly.

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utah luxury home insurance

Utah High Value Home Insurance

Utah’s varied terrain, risk can come in different forms. We can help you protect your Utah home whether you’re in a lake community, a skiing community like Park City, or in the breathtaking nature views of Moab or Kamas.

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luxury home insurance vermont

Vermont High Value Home Insurance

Vermont’s high-net-worth households have more at stake and a comprehensive insurance strategy offers better protection for the success you’ve built. Our licensed agents help you choose the coverage you need at the best value point.

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high value virginia home insurance

Virginia High Value Home Insurance

High-value homes in Virginia have special coverage considerations. Choosing the right homeowners insurance coverage is essential.  A comprehensive home insurance package offers a more complete way to safeguard against risks of all types.

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washington high value insurance

Washington High Value Home Insurance

Washington’s luxury homes in coastal Western Washington cities and towns such as Seattle, Hunt’s Point, Medina, and Tacoma need specialized coverage designed to protect the success you’ve built.

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luxury home insurance dc

Washington D.C. High Value Home Insurance

Washington D.C. homes with a rebuild value of $1 million or more become eligible for specialized home insurance policies with higher coverage limits for your home itself as well as your belongings.

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high net worth wisconsin insurance

Wisconsin High Value Home Insurance

Our team of WI state-licensed insurance advisors work with financially successful families to protect the legacy you’ve built with customized insurance packages that insure not just your home, but the way you live.

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wy high value insurance provider

Wyoming High Value Home Insurance

The coverage needs of each Wyoming household vary, even when compared to neighbors. With a high-value home insurance package, you can customize your coverage to match your lifestyle.

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High Value Home Insurance vs Regular Home Insurance – What’s the Difference?

What Is a High-Value Home Insurance Policy?

High-value home insurance is a specialized homeowner insurance product, specifically designed for homes with a high cost to rebuild.

Typically, a high-value home insurance policy is offered only to homeowners with a home valued above $750,000, with some insurers requiring the home to be valued at over $1 million dollars.

High net worth families with high value homes may not be adequately covered by a standard homeowner insurance policy as the standard policy does not account for their unique needs. As an example, a standard home insurance policy may not provide enough coverage for art, jewelry, and antiques. While it is possible to add policy endorsements to fill gaps in the standard coverage, in the end the high value homeowner risks being significantly underinsured.

In other cases, the less flexible standard home insurance policy may provide too much coverage, as many coverages are calculated as a percentage of the cost to rebuild. This excess coverage results in higher premiums that would be better served filling coverage gaps on other parts of the policy.

While most of the top insurance companies offer a standard homeowners insurance product, only a select few insurers offer a high value home insurance policy specifically designed for the unique needs of high-net-worth families:

  • AIG Private Client
  • Chubb
  • Pure Insurance
  • The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Openly Insurance
  • National General
  • Vault

How High-Value Home Insurance Works

Contractually, a high value home insurance policy works in the same way as a standard home insurance policy. In the end, you are still paying premium to insure your home, its contents, and your own personal liability.

Think of a high value homeowner insurance policy as being similar to a standard homeowner insurance policy except that you can choose from an array of extra features and are able to customize the coverages to fit your unique needs. This is often the best homeowner insurance product for those with homes that would cost more than $1 million dollars to rebuild.

Will Standard Home Insurance Be Enough?

To be certain that any home insurance policy will be enough, it is recommended to work with a state licensed insurance advisor. In the event of a total loss on a standard insurance policy, the payout will be based on the policy limit. If the cost to rebuild exceeds the policy limit, the standard home insurance policy would not be enough. It is critical to have the correct policy limits in place as costs to rebuild can be dynamic.

Unlike the standard policy, a high value home insurance policy offers Guaranteed Replacement Cost. Therefore, the high value home insurance policy guarantees that your home will be fully rebuilt in the event of a total loss, regardless of if the cost to rebuild exceeds your policy limit. In that same total loss scenario, a standard home insurance policy would only pay up to your policy limit.

How Does High-Value Home Insurance Differ?

key factors high value home insurance 2023

While there are many features, the ability to customize your coverage limits is the key reason to select a high value home insurance policy for your home. With a standard home insurance policy, coverage limits such as personal property and other structures are fixed at a percentage of your dwelling limit. With a high value home insurance policy, you can customize coverage limits to fit your needs.

Let’s use a home with a dwelling limit of $8 million dollars as an example. A standard home insurance policy would require your coverage for personal property to be 50% of $8 million dollars, or $4,000,000.

With a high value home insurance policy, you can customize your personal property limit down to as low as 20% of your dwelling coverage. In doing so, you would reduce the coverage you’re paying on personal property by $2,400,000 which could save you thousands of dollars.

Beyond the customizable coverage, a high value home insurance policy also features Guaranteed Replacement Cost. A high value home insurance policy guarantees that your home will be fully rebuilt in the event of a total loss, regardless of if the cost to rebuild exceeds your policy limit.

Another feature of the high value home insurance policy is called the Cash Settlement Option. When a total loss occurs, the high value home insurance policy offers the ability to take a cash settlement at full replacement cost if you did not wish to rebuild the home. Without a high value home insurance policy, that cash settlement would be “depreciated” and therefore not a viable option for most homeowners.

The high value homeowner insurance policy also comes with broader liability coverage including defamation, libel, or slander. Finally, a high value home insurance policy offers a Deductible Waiver meaning your standard deductible will be waived if you have a claim that is over $50,000 dollars. This encourages you to select a high deductible which will lower the premium and save you money.

How Much Does High-Value Home Insurance Cost?

cost to insure a million dollar home

It goes without saying the cost of high value home insurance varies greatly. Not only do insurance rates for high end homes vary greatly throughout the nation, but also each high-net-worth family has their own unique needs requiring a customized high value home insurance package.

It can also be true that the cost of a high value home insurance policy for a high-end home will be higher than the cost of a standard home insurance policy for a less valuable home. The higher cost is not only because the insured value of the home is higher, but often also is the result of location, construction type, style of home, safety features, year built and a variety of additional factors.

While the costs vary, we can still offer an illustration of coverage costs using the example of a $5 million New York home on Long Island. A reasonable estimate for the example is $0.25 per $100 of insured value.

Let’s assume the $5 million home has another $1 million of “other structures” on the property and that the personal property is valued at 50% of the home’s value, $2.5 million. So, the $5 million Long Island home is insured in total for $8.5 million.

With $0.25 per $100 of coverage, this $5 million home would have an estimated annual premium of $21,250.

Rates do vary greatly based on many individual factors. Some of the most impactful are:

  • Location of home
  • Construction type of home
  • The cost to reconstruct your home
  • Year built
  • Your credit score or insurance score
  • Your loss history
  • Packaged home policy or standalone home policy
  • Deductible

Do I Need High-Value Home Insurance?

Not every home requires a high value home insurance policy. It is very much dependent on the unique needs of the homeowner. A good rule of thumb is that if your home is valued over $1 million, you should at least consult a licensed insurance advisor to discuss your current coverage.

Other reasons to consider a high value home insurance policy designed specifically for high value homeowners:

  • Your home has unique architectural features
  • Your home uses materials that are hard to replace
  • Your home is a heritage home
  • Your home has older construction features not found in common methods or practices
  • You own expensive or priceless fine art, rugs, collections, jewelry, wine, or other items that are kept at home
  • You chose high-end appliances or fixtures that cannot be found at standard stores
  • The interior and exterior design features are unique, such as luxurious outdoor living areas, guest houses, swimming pool areas, custom landscaping, or bespoke features that were created by an interior designer

You can also choose customized coverage or pair your home coverage with specialized coverage to protect your unique lifestyle.

  • Protection for vacation homes or second homes
  • Car insurance for luxury autos, collections, and exotics
  • Protect against identity theft
  • Ransom insurance
  • Liability insurance for household employees
  • Coverage for yachts, boats, and watercraft
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Liability coverage for board members and volunteer activity

Where Can You Get a High Value Homeowner Insurance Policy?

High Value Homeowner Insurance policies are exclusively customized and sold via independent insurance agents. A limited number of premier insurance companies offer these products tailored to the unique needs of high value homeowners.  Chubb Insurance, PURE Insurance, Cincinnati Insurance, AIG Private Client, Openly & Vault Insurance are all notable insurance companies with products designed for high value homes.

If your home is valued over $1 million dollars, we recommended speaking with our team of state-licensed insurance advisors to learn more about custom high value home insurance packages.  With Coastal Insurance Solutions, our team of advisors will partner with you to tailor a package to your unique needs and compare quotes from the finest high value home insurance companies.

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