About Us

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Our Story

Coastal Insurance Solutions started riding this wave back in 2001, & what a rewarding experience it’s been! We approach business the same way we approach life – with a strong moral compass & a Kaizen attitude. We’re here because we saw a need for Long Islanders that simply wasn’t being met, at least not to our standards. Our access to specialized insurance companies & products that most other agencies can’t & won’t offer, sets us aside in a whole new category of our own. The genuine goal is to allow our clients to rest easy with peace of mind knowing that we’re here for them, and we’re proud to ensure that they’re always able to stay afloat.

With David W. Clausen as our fearless founder, we’re honored to be one of the most trusted names on the Island.

We strive to deliver highly competitive, world-class coastal insurance products and services.


Why Are We So Competitive?

Our strong carrier relationships developed over the years has allowed us to access specialized insurance companies and products that most other insurance agencies do not have access to.

Being our relationships are so solid, we have the ability to reach out to dozens of insurance companies to secure the best pricing for our clients.

Strong carrier relationships accompanied with an aggressive sales strategy has allowed the agency to triple in the last 5 years and the agency continues to grow by leaps and bounds today.