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As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal


As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal

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Arizona High Value Home Insurance

Custom Coverage for High-Net-Worth Arizona Homeowners

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  • Coverage Options Designed for High-Net-Worth Households
  • Leading Insurers Including AIG, Vault, Chubb, Cincinnati Insurance, and PURE
  • Ranked Top in the U.S. by Insurance Business America
Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Hand Crafted Arizona High Value Insurance

The Grand Canyon State is growing in both population and prosperity, providing more opportunities for successful families. From aerospace and electronics and semiconductor manufacturing to tourism and service industries, Arizona continues to flourish.

Phoenix was the fastest-growing big city in the nation over the last decade, but communities to the north including Paradise Valley, Sedona, Scottsdale, Prescott, and Flagstaff each have their own success story. To the south, Tucson leads the nation in several high-tech industries ranging from aerospace to optics and renewable energy.

Arizona’s continuing growth provides more financial opportunity, and with increased opportunity come unique insurance needs for high-net-worth households. At Coastal Insurance, protecting your legacy is our top priority.

Our team of experienced insurance advisors works with successful families throughout Arizona and across the nation to design Arizona high value home insurance packages customized to your unique needs. We will help you protect your home, your assets, and your independent lifestyle. As an independent agency, we will also help you compare options to find the right coverage from leading private client providers at the best price possible.

Modern Arizona home with infinity pool and waterfall, set against a barren mountain landscape with typical Arizona flora. An excellent example of a home that would benefit from a customized Arizona high value home insurance policy.

Insurance Packages for Custom Homes in Phoenix, Scottdale, Tucson, and Other Areas

On a basic level, most home insurance policies have a similar structure and offer a similar level of coverage for your home and belongings. For high-net-worth households, however, basic coverage can leave you underinsured and may not insure certain risks at all. We work with affluent families throughout the country and understand the unique coverage needs of high value homes and high-net-worth households. With customized coverage, the gaps left by standard policies can be addressed by using specialized policies designed for fine homes and by bundling additional coverage and options tailored to meet your needs.
California’s weather is heavenly most of the time, but Mother Nature also brings risks. With well-designed specialty Arizona high value home insurance, you can have confidence that your home is protected, regardless of what Mother Nature sends your way. Your coverage also expands to protect much more than your home. Additional coverage for your collections and other valuables can help ensure that your home is covered completely, including full coverage for all the possessions that make your home distinct.

Consider these crucial policy coverages and options:

  • Expanded coverage limits to protect your high value home.
  • Substantial coverage limits to better protect your collections and belongings.
  • Protection against personal liability risks, such as bodily injury and more.
  • Coverage that expands if repairs to your home exceed the insured value.
  • Risk management consulting to help avoid losses.

Many insurers can cover higher value homes in California, but a standard home insurance policy lacks some key features and coverages essential to your total protection. With an Arizona high value home insurance policy, you can protect your home and belongings in ways that standard home insurance policies cannot.

Insurance for your individual property is an aspect where a specialized policy truly shines. Items such as collections, exquisite furniture, and artwork can be insured for their entire worth. Moreover, your policy can be tailored to provide coverage for distinctive aspects of your home and its unique architectural elements.

Because we work with high-net-worth families throughout the country, we understand these unique coverage considerations and can point out potential coverage gaps others might miss. We work with leading insurers to find the right policy and work with you to add the right coverage amounts and options to protect what you have worked to acquire.

Customized Coverage for Arizona’s Finest Homes

Standard home insurance policies target broad-market needs, often limiting coverage for valuables and providing insufficient coverage to rebuild the home in certain cases.

Arizona homes with a rebuild value of $1 million or more benefit from the flexible structure of an Arizona high value home insurance policy. You will enjoy higher coverage limits for your home and valuables as well as protection against liability risks personalized to your unique lifestyle.

Broad-market policies have fewer customization options and can leave potentially costly gaps in coverage. Traditional policies pool insurance risks with a wider market of homeowners, often increasing coverage costs due to differing risk profiles.

By contrast, an Arizona high value home insurance policy caters to a select market of homeowners with more to protect. This structure often leads to lower rates per dollar of coverage combined with more ways to protect your home and belongings.

At Coastal Insurance, we will collaborate with you to design an Arizona high value insurance package that considers both your home and your lifestyle, crafting customized options that address your needs specifically rather than broad-market needs. Your confidentiality is a top priority.

Enhanced Coverage for Arizona Luxury Homes

Your home reflects the success you have built as well as your unique persona. Your insurance coverage should reflect consider all aspects of the way you live as an individual, ranging from your home to your collections and belongings to your activities.

Traditional home insurance policies focus on the basics, and often gaps in coverage do not become apparent until there is a loss.

An Arizona high value home insurance package tailored to your needs addresses offers more flexible policy language that offers better protection. In many ways, high value insurers approach coverage needs with a different philosophy. Instead of structuring policies with limitations that protect the insurer, Arizona high value insurance policies set a tone for protecting the policyholder.

This approach leads to not only more complete coverage but also more ways to personalize your coverage to your family’s lifestyle and activities.

Customizable policies bring more options. You will find replacement cost options to protect belongings without a deduction for depreciation. You will also have options for extended or guaranteed replacement cost coverage that can expand your home’s protection if you have a loss.

Arizona may be known for its near-perfect weather, but the state is not without its risks. Risks from weather, fire, and other hazards can be difficult to predict, ranging from minor to catastrophic.

Statue of Smokey the Bear next to a 'Prevent Wildfire' sign and a fire danger scale at a trail entrance in Kaibab National Forest, Tusayan, Arizona. Wildfires are just one of many risks to take into account when building an Arizona high value insurance package.

Rebuilding costs can spike following a widespread loss. Flexible coverage limits for your home provide an efficient way to protect the investment you’ve made. We will guide you through your coverage options, including ways to protect your home even if rebuild costs exceed your home’s insured value.

Protect all the improvements that make your home uniquely yours. An Arizona high value home insurance policy can protect tennis courts, pool houses, additional buildings, and custom enhancements you’ve made to your home.

If life changes, you can easily change your coverage to match your new needs. Our advisors work with high-net-worth households daily and know which coverage options offer the best protection and provide the best value. Periodic reviews help keep your coverage aligned with your priorities and allow adjustments as needed.

Complete Coverage for Your Personal Property

Traditional home insurance policies treat the home as the primary asset, limiting coverage for other belongings. Arizona high value home insurance policies recognize that valuables and furnishings may exceed the home’s rebuild value.

You will find customizable coverage options that let you personalize your protection and prioritize where you invest your premiums.

Standard home insurance policies also place restrictions on coverage, limiting claims for many types of items, such as jewelry, electronics, and more.

With an Arizona high value home insurance policy, you decide where to focus your insurance coverage. Flexible policies allow you to protect your individual property while focusing your premiums on where you need the most protection.

Coverage for Your Jewelry and Other Valuables

Luxury items, fine art, jewelry, and other valuables all find enhanced protection with an Arizona high value home insurance policy. Structure your coverage to protect against a broader range of risks and enjoy full-value coverage for the items most precious to you.

Your coverage travels with you wherever life’s journey leads, and with the option of no-deductible claims on selected valuables, you’ll enjoy full protection.

Insure Against Additional Liability Risks

Liability coverage can become a key consideration for successful families. An Arizona high value home insurance policy features higher liability coverage limits and more ways to customize. In many cases, your policy can cover defense costs as well, which can be a considerable expense.

With liability coverage options of up to $50+ million, we will help you design a liability protection strategy personalized to your family’s unique lifestyle.

Expand your coverage with excess liability options that increase coverage limits affordably or choose an umbrella policy that increases coverage limits and protects against additional risks.

Customize your liability protection to focus your protection where needed, including coverage for volunteer activity, serving on a board, or cyber liability.

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