Tennessee High-Value Home Insurance Packages

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Luxury Insurance Packages for TN’s Finest Homes, Autos & Collections

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Custom Insurance Options for Beautiful Homes & Condos in TN

Wind, rain, floods, and wildfires are just some of the risks to Tennessee homes brought by nature. Accidental risks like electrical fires or water damage threaten homes in the Volunteer State as well. You’ll need the right types of coverage to protect your home properly.

High-net-worth households have more at stake, but a customized high-value homeowners insurance package can protect your home and belongings in ways that traditional policies can’t match.

Your home is a representation of the success you’ve attained, the lifestyle you enjoy and your personality.  Your insurance policy should be crafted to match your persona.  Our advisors work closely with you to customize the level of protection you desire, based on the risks that concern you the most.  Protecting your legacy is our top priority.

Compare your options from our suite of high-net-worth insurers like Chubb, CIC’s Executive Capstone, AIG’s Private Client, PURE High Net Worth, NatGen Premier, and Travelers to build customized homeowners insurance packages that safeguard your home, collections, autos, and more. Our licensed insurance advisors help you choose the best coverage for the lowest premium.

Luxury Home Insurance for Williamson County and Other Areas of TN

High-value homes (homes with a reconstruction value of more than $1 Million) in affluent areas near Nashville and Memphis, towns and cities like Nolensville and Brentwood, south of Nashville, benefit from customized coverage. High-net-worth households have more to protect and many families have unique risks that can’t be addressed with off-the-shelf insurance policies.

Our team of state-licensed advisors can help you build the personalized protection your household needs to safeguard your home and assets. Your coverage options extend well beyond your home itself. We help you protect your collections, fine furnishings, exclusive autos, watercraft, and more—at the right price. We can also help you protect your family with customized liability protection that travels with you wherever you go.

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Why Choose High-Value Homeowners Insurance

As the cost of housing has increased over time, the maximum insured value on standard home insurance policies has also increased. However, the structure of standard policies leaves troubling gaps in coverage, some of which may not be obvious until you have a claim.

With a policy designed for Tennessee luxury homes, you’ll find many of the gaps left by other policies are already covered.

Higher coverage limits for your home itself are the first starting point. However, you’ll also enjoy extras like guaranteed rebuild coverage. This means that if the cost of rebuilding your home to its original beauty after a claim exceeds your coverage limit, you’re still covered. Cost overruns due to availability of materials or labor expenses can be common. With the right type of policy, there’s no need to worry.

Coverage for your belongings and valuables is another key consideration. With a high-value homeowners insurance policy, you’ll not only enjoy higher coverage limits, but you’ll also benefit from more complete coverage for your belongings, including jewelry, collections, art, and fine decor. Standard policies limit coverage on many types of items, which can leave you underinsured. By contrast, a personalized high-value homeowners insurance policy gives you the coverage that is most important to you and your family—without paying extra for “bells & whistles”. Our risk consultants help you find often-overlooked gaps in coverage and provide you with the best solution. Getting the right coverage is a great first step. Preventing a claim is even better.

Enhanced Coverage for Tennessee’s High-Value Homes

Protecting your home is one part of a more complete protection package. Higher limits and broader coverage help protect your home and belongings, but extra policy features and coverages can help protect your household in more ways.

The insurers we work with cater to high-net-worth households. This means you’ll find extras, such as risk analysis performed by experts. When there’s more at stake, risk analysis can help uncover risks and suggest the best way to cover those risks — or minimize the risk.

Expanded personal liability coverage offers another way to protect your home and assets. Where standard policies often cap personal liability coverage under $1 million, a high-value home insurance package gives you coverage options up to $50 million.

The risks for your household may be different from those of your neighbors. Customized coverage allows you to invest your premiums wisely — purchasing protection where your family needs the coverage most.

Higher Limits and Full Coverage for Personal Property

When you consider the value of your home’s contents, including furnishings, clothing, jewelry, collections, and more, it isn’t unusual for the value of your belongings to compete with the value of your home itself. In some cases, the value of your personal property can even exceed the value of your home.

A standard homeowners insurance policy typically limits the insured value of your personal property to a maximum of 50% of your home’s insured value. Standard policies usually also depreciate the value of most types of personal property, which means your belongings may be insured for less than their replacement cost.

A high-value homeowners insurance policy addresses these concerns in several ways. First, you’ll enjoy the protection offered by higher overall coverage limits. You can choose the amount of coverage you need, preventing coverage gaps and ensuring that you only pay for coverage up to the limits you choose.

You have the option to cover your personal property for its full replacement value as well, rather than a depreciated value. Your high-value homeowners insurance policy also protects your belongings wherever you are, whether commuting, traveling, or at home.

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Use a Personal Articles Floater to Protect Your Valuables

As another part of a high-value homeowners insurance package, a personal articles floater is an add-on that allows you to cover high-value items more efficiently and without compromise. Personal articles coverage provides full-value coverage but also protects your valuables against additional risks that may not be covered for other types of personal property. Higher coverage limits help to protect your personal property overall, but personal articles protection also allows you to pinpoint coverage where you need it most.

To learn more about how to best protect antiques, or work, heirlooms, and other difficult-to-replace valuables, reach out to your trusted agent at Coastal Insurance.

Personal Liability Coverage for More Risks and with Higher Limits

Volunteer and board member activities can expose you to additional liability risks, many of which may not be covered by off-the-shelf insurance policies. With a high-value home insurance package, you can protect your home, assets, and future earnings intelligently, purchasing the amount of coverage you need, tailored to your unique lifestyle.

You’ll enjoy the protection of coverage limits up to $100 million, available in smaller increments as needed — and your coverage can grow as you continue building on your success.

Personal liability coverage spans risks like accidental injury to others but can also cover personal injury risks, like libel or slander. Your coverage can even pay your legal defense, which can be a costly expense regardless of who is at fault.

Protect Your Tennessee Home Against Floods and Other Risks

Your high-value home insurance policy can protect your home against many risks, like fire, wind and hail, and even many types of water damage. You can also compliment your policy with coverage for floods as well as many types of land movement.

An expanding market of insurance products offers more ways to protect your Tennessee home from some of nature’s biggest risks — without settling for less-than-complete coverage.

The independent agents at Coastal Insurance can help guide you through your choices so you can protect both your home and your belongings, affordably and effectively.

Other Ways to Insure Your Tennessee Household

High-net-worth households have more at stake and your unique lifestyle may require personalized coverage. You can protect your family in a number of ways and across a wide range of lifestyle activities.

● Auto Collections, Antique Autos, High-Value Autos
● Watercraft, Including Yachts and Boats
● Aviation Coverage for Planes and More
● Protection for Second Homes and Vacation Homes
● Protection for Secondary Residences Outside the US
● Identity Theft Coverage
● Cyber Liability Coverage
● Liability Coverage for Board Members and Volunteering
● Liability Coverage for Domestic Employees
● Ransom and Kidnap Insurance

Speak with a Licensed Advisor at Coastal Insurance

We work with high-net-worth households to find the best ways to ensure your TN home, assets, and future earnings at. Our experienced agents know which questions to ask and where to find hidden risks you’ll want to protect against. Expect honest guidance and exemplary service while always assuring confidentiality. Protecting your legacy is our top priority.

Reach out to one of our advisors today for a fast, simple & complimentary consultation.

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*Only the most distinguished insurance professionals in the US have access to this suite of insurers.