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As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal


As seen on CNBC, CNN Money, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal

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New Hampshire High Value Home Insurance

  • Superior Coverage for High-Net-Worth New Hampshire Homeowners
  • Compare Private Client Insurance Packages
  • Insurance Designed for High Net-Worth Families
  • Powered by Chubb, AIG, PURE, Cincinnati & Vault
  • Ranked Top in the U.S. by Insurance Business America
Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals

New Hampshire Luxury Home and Personal Insurance Packages

With a business landscape as diverse as its picturesque vistas, New Hampshire continues to bring financial opportunity, aiding the Granite State’s slow-and-steady growth. High-value homes in coastal areas including Hampton, North Hampton, New Castle, and Portsmouth as well as affluent areas near Dartmouth College, Manchester, Nashua, and Concord need special insurance coverage specifically designed to protect New Hampshire’s high-net-worth households.

Homes with a rebuild value of $1 million or more qualify for specialized coverage that offers higher coverage limits and options that address the unique needs of high-net-worth families.

At Coastal Insurance, our team of experienced insurance advisors works with successful households to provide a comprehensive insurance solution, matching coverage options to your priorities at the best price possible. Compare insurance quotes from multiple insurers that specialize in protecting high-net-worth individuals and successful families.

Protect your home, your family, your assets, and your legacy.

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Insurance for Fine Homes in North Hampton, Portsmouth, and Other Areas of NH

 High-value home insurance policies differ from standard coverage by offering higher coverage limits while also providing additional ways to personalize your policy to protect the success you’ve built.

 We work with selected high-value insurers, including PURE, AIG Private Client, Vault, Chubb, Cincinnati Insurance, and others. As an independent insurance agency, we’re able to match your coverage needs with the best high-value home and personal insurance providers to design a package uniquely suited to you and your family.

 High-Net-Worth Insurance for New Hampshire Homeowners

Typical homeowners insurance policies address broad-market needs, often making these policies a less-than-perfect fit for high-net-worth households. By contrast, a high-value home insurance policy offers liberal customization options, expanding coverage limits and extending coverage in more situations.

 At the heart of a high-value policy is personalization. Your insurance needs may differ from those of your neighbors and colleagues. More customization options allow you to build an insurance coverage strategy well-matched to your priorities and often at a lower price than a traditional coverage.

 We’ll work with you confidentially to build a high-value home insurance package that considers risks from all aspects of your lifestyle, crafting a coverage solution that’s a perfect fit. Protecting your legacy is our top priority.

Comprehensive Coverage for New Hampshire’s Fine Homes

With a high-value home insurance policy, you’ll find higher coverage limits for your home, personal property, and liability risks, but you’ll also discover a more flexible policy structure that allows you to focus your coverage in the areas where you need the most protection. Your home and lifestyle reflect your unique persona; your insurance coverage should match your persona and lifestyle as well.

 Traditional homeowners insurance policies follow a rigid structure designed to keep costs affordable for most homeowners. While this strategy generally works well for broad-market homes, a traditional policy can leave potentially costly gaps for households with high-value homes, collections, valuables, or higher liability exposures.

 High-value insurance policies bring more relaxed language, allowing more flexible coverage and better overall protection. This customizable design lets you maximize your insurance dollar by focusing your protection on areas where you have a higher risk of loss. And because we work with the top-rated high-net-worth insurers, we can match your needs with an insurer that can provide the best solution for your unique situation. This strategy can save you thousands while matching your protection to your priorities. 

 Insurance coverage limits aren’t always an exact science. Rebuilding costs can change rapidly, as can the cost of materials. This is especially true following weather events that cause widespread local damage. Specialized high-value home insurance policies offer flexible options that can ensure complete protection, even if the rebuild costs exceed your insured value.

 One option, called extended replacement cost, allows your coverage to expand by a fixed percentage. A second option, guaranteed replacement cost, protects your home to its full rebuild value without setting a cap.

 High-value home insurance policies also bring additional choices, including the option to take a cash payout rather than rebuild following a loss. Traditional policies typically only provide coverage to rebuild in the same location.

 And if a loss forces you to leave your home while repairs are made, your high-value policy can pay for additional living expenses.

Each fine home is unique. You’ll find options to protect pool houses, tennis courts, and other enhancements to your property, that make your home uniquely yours.

 Periodic assessments help ensure you’re well-protected even if home rebuild costs increase and as your lifestyle changes.

Uncompromising Protection for Your Personal Property

 Also known as contents coverage, personal property coverage protects your belongings. With a high-value home insurance policy, you’ll enjoy higher coverage limits for personal property, allowing you to choose a coverage level well-matched to your priorities.

 Standard home insurance policies cap content coverage at a fixed percentage of the home’s insured value. The problem with this structure is that the value of belonging may exceed the value of the home itself, leaving a potentially costly coverage gap.

 High-value insurance packages offer a better way to insure your belongings, including collections, fine furnishings, and more. Rather than working within the confines of a fixed limit policy, you choose your coverage according to your actual needs.

Full-Value Coverage for Your Jewelry and Precious Items

Certain items, including fine art, jewelry, and other valuables also benefit from the added protection of a high-value home insurance policy. With scheduled coverage, you can safeguard the items most precious to you, insuring for full value and against additional risks.

 With the right coverage options, you’ll also enjoy no-hassle no-deductible claims with a policy that protects your valuables anywhere in the world.


Safeguard Your Household Against Liability Risk

Personal liability insurance coverage is a key priority for many high-net-worth families. As with other coverage types found on a high-value policy, you can customize your personal liability protection to suit your individual needs. Your policy can cover risks of up to $50+ million and provides coverage for legal fees and defense costs.

 Choose from excess liability coverage, an option that expands coverage limits affordably, or umbrella liability coverage, a choice that extends coverage limits while also bringing protection against additional risks such as libel and slander.

 Customize your personal liability to meet your household’s unique needs. Whether you serve on a board, need protection against cyber liability risks, participate in volunteer activities, or work virtually from your home office, you’ll find cost-effective ways to protect the success you’ve built against a variety of liability risks.

Coverage for Coastal or Inland Floods and Other Regional Risks

Homes on New Hampshire’s coastline face different risks than those overlooking the Granite State’s snow-capped mountains. Expand your coverage to protect against the risks specific to your area.

Known nationwide for our expertise in flood insurance and other nature-related risks, Coastal insurance can help you build a comprehensive protection strategy that considers risks unique to your area and pairs seamlessly with your existing home insurance policy.

 Our private client advisors help you choose the right insurance company or policy to protect against regional threats such as earthquakes, storm surges or flooding, wildfires, and more.

Protect the Success and Unique Lifestyle You’ve Built

Customize a high-value home insurance package to protect not just your home, but your lifestyle.

  • Protect second homes and vacation getaways
  • Insure luxury autos or car collections
  • Protect your family with identity theft insurance
  • Purchase ransom insurance
  • Insure against liability associated with domestic employees
  • Protect boats and watercraft, including liability risks
  • Insure against cyber liability risks
  • Safeguard against liability from board service or volunteer work

Speak with an NH State-Licensed Private Client Insurance Advisor

Coastal Insurance can help you compare rates from leading high-value home insurance providers, explaining your coverage options in plain English so you can make a well-informed decision. As independent insurance advisors, we work with high-net-worth households across the country to identify risks and detail coverage solutions.

 Expect the best rates possible and outstanding client service with your confidentiality assured. Reach out to the knowledgeable advisors at Coastal Insurance to get started.

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