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Why You Should Buy Specialized Jewelry Insurance

Protection for your jewelry starts with getting a quick jewelry insurance quote at no cost.

Your prized jewelry items are much more than metal and stone. They are the very embodiment of who you are. It can be quite distressing when the jewelry that portrays special moments in your life gets stolen, damaged or lost.

Coastal Insurance has partnered with multiple A+ AMBest Rated Insurance companies that specialize in insuring jewelry. The jewelry that you own deserves the right coverage at a price that is affordable.

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Why should you take out jewelry insurance?

An exclusive jewelry insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage against situations such as an inexplicable loss or mysterious disappearance that might not be covered by warranties or by normal renters or homeowners insurance.

What is the cost of jewelry insurance?

The insurance rates for jewelry coverage are determined by several factors, including where you live, the value of your items, and prior claims history. Jewelry insurance is generally not that expensive with discounts being offered for jewelry kept in a vault or items that are worn for special occasions only.

Jewelry insurance rates range from $2 per thousand (if items are kept in a vault) up to $25 per thousand of coverage. For example, a $5,000 watch kept inside a vault or home safe could cost as low as $10 per year, while a $5,000 engagement ring will vary from $40-$120 per year to insure.

All kinds of jewelry items can be covered -from wedding bands and engagement rings to earrings, tennis bracelets, necklaces, watches and loose stones that are in the process of being set. om7inW 1

What does a jewelry policy cover?

Loss. maybe you left your ring in a public bathroom or on a beach towel somewhere, and you are unable to locate it. Do not get worried because it is covered by your policy.

Theft. we are all familiar with that dreadful feeling when something that we treasure gets stolen. You can be confident that your stolen jewelry piece is also covered.

Damage. Your diamond ring gets cracked after hitting it on the edge of your table. This is covered too.

Disappearance– at other times a piece of jewelry may just disappear. It may be stolen, lost or caught up in a drainpipe somewhere. Relax, because that is covered.

Here are some extra benefits of taking out jewelry insurance:

– You get to select your own deductible.
– You enjoy protection as you travel around the world.
– You will not have to get several estimates.
– You are assured of fast, considerate claims without negative effects on renters or homeowners.

Reduce the anxiety of a bigger, more agonizing loss

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