AIG is a leading global insurance company serving clients in more than 80 countries.  AIG’s Private Client Group focuses on high value property and casualty products for luxury homes, yachts, private aviation, art collections, wine collections, kidnap, ransom, extortion, and high liability limits.  Their appetite is for the high-net worth client that has difficult to place risks such as classic or antique car collections, substantial art collections or fine wine collections.  They have competitively priced products and pride themselves on outstanding claims service.  Coastal Insurance is proud to be a trusted partner and appointed agent for AIG.



  • Luxury Insurance Provider
  • High Liability Limits
  • Unique coverage options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Top Notch Claims Service

Insurance Products

  • High Value Home Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance- Collectors & Antiques
  • Yachts
  • Private Aviation
  • Liability options up to $100 million
  • Wine Collections, Fine Art Collections




The AIG story begins in China in 1919, when American Cornelius Vander Starr started an insurance agency in Shanghai. The enterprise grew first across China, then across the globe, with every new market and culture, we deepened our understanding of risk and helped create innovative ways to deliver value to our clients.

Coastal Insurance is an Agent for AIG