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PURE Insurance Financial Rating

On April 8th 2021, PURE Insurance’s financial rating was upgraded to A+ (Superior) by AM Best Company.  Until April of 2021, PURE maintained a rating of A (Excellent).  The upgrade of PURE’s financial strength is largely attributed to additional financial support from the Tokio Marine Group. 

High net worth households have unique insurance considerations. PURE Insurance, also known as Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange, brings specialty coverage options for high-value homes combined with policy features designed to meet the needs of financially successful families and high-net-worth individuals.

Homeowners insurance serves as a core coverage with PURE Insurance, forming a solid foundation to build a complete personal insurance package that can include coverage for multiple homes, luxury yachts and watercraft, artwork and collections, high-value auto insurance, and personal liability insurance.

PURE Insurance Review from Coastal Insurance CEO, David W. Clausen

david clausen pure insurance review
pure 5 star rating

“5 out of 5” says Coastal Insurance CEO, David W. Clausen.  Clausen adds, “We’ve been a partner agent with PURE Insurance for more than 15 years and have seen our fair share of claims—many totaling millions of dollars.  In every situation, PURE has exceeded the expectations of our clients, going above-and-beyond to make sure they are 100% satisfied.  When dealing with affluent clients, it’s difficult to get 100% satisfaction consistently for 15+ years.  We’re thankful for PURE’s dedication to their members & partner agents. They’re one of the best in the business.”

-David W. Clausen, CEO Coastal Insurance Solutions

PURE Insurance Reviews by PURE Private Clients

PURE has been insuring luxury homes and high-net-worth households since 2006 and boasts an astounding 96% member retention in an industry marked by churn rates of over 20%.

Here’s what PURE’s members have to say about why they chose PURE and how PURE earns their continued loyalty.

What Are People Saying About PURE Insurance?

pv linton

PV Linton - 5.0 Rating

pure 5 star rating

PURE recommended a home assessment when I switched from a secondary residence to primary. The gal who came took a sharp eye to all the mechanics and appliances of my home and made very useful suggestions. No pressure. I enacted some of her suggestions and saved on my premium. Very happy with value received and coverage options.

bill krochalis

Bill Krochalis - 5.0 Rating

pure 5 star rating

It’s hard to like an insurance company, but PURE sure works hard to earn your love. Start with truly outstanding service, including detailed risk analysis and coverage choices, then add in great pricing. To top it off, their claim service is professional and hassle -free.

charles barish

Charles Barish - 5.0 Rating

pure 5 star rating

We have been members of PURE for a number of years. They have been the easiest insurance company to deal with that we have ever experienced. Their compassion and responsiveness are unquestionable.

pat bernard

Pat Barnard - 4.0 Rating

pure insurance rating large

We are former Chubb insurance people and we switched to Pure about 3-4 years ago. So far, so good. Had one claim and they took care of quickly and efficiently.

I am not sure why they valued our replacement cost on our home as high as they did, but I assume it was because prices seem to continue to go up to replace your home these days.

Right now we are very satisfied with Pure and would recommend them.

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PURE Insurance Financial Strength

PURE’s unique structure as a reciprocal insurance exchange translates to financial strength and because PURE is member-owned, members contribute to surplus capital. This structure boosts reserves, bolstering PURE’s financial strength ratings.

PURE Insurance Financial Rating

For 2021, AM Best upgrades PURE Insurance from A (Excellent) to A+ (Superior). This upgrade, as well as other financial rating upgrades awarded to PURE since its inception in 2006, puts the specialized high-net-worth insurer among an elite group of insurance providers when measured by financial strength.

AM Best, the world’s first credit rating agency with a history dating back to 1899, awards the new rating (A+ Superior) in consideration of PURE Group’s strong balance sheet and prudent risk management.

PURE’s insurance rating also reflects the strength of Tokio Marine HCC, a worldwide insurer operating in 45 countries. Tokio completed an acquisition of PURE Insurance in 2020, boosting PURE’s financial rating further. AM Best rates Tokio, a company with a $36 billion market capitalization, as A++, the highest rating possible and reaffirms a stable outlook.

AM Best also raised PURE Group’s credit rating from “a+” to “aa-” minus, revising the company’s credit outlook from stable to positive.

Why PURE’s financial strength matters

Financial strength ratings reflect staying power. For PURE members, PURE’s financial strength provides assurance that PURE can respond quickly to everyday claims today and well into the future. However, financial strength also speaks to a company’s ability to pay claims during widespread events.

Weather-related claims or claims associated with natural disasters can affect policyholders throughout a wide region, causing steep losses. PURE’s strong balance sheet, growing loss reserves, and careful risk management all help ensure the company remains well positioned to handle claims while also providing outstanding service to its members.

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