Which Insurance Companies are Writing Home Insurance in New York?

First, let’s understand the three general categories they fall under- Brokered, Direct Writers & Non-Admitted Companies.

Brokered– These are insurance companies that an appointed insurance broker can access.  One advantage of using a broker is that you will receive multiple quotes from competing companies in one quick shot.   A disadvantage may be the inability to receive quotes from some of the “Big Name” companies like Liberty Mutual and Allstate.

Direct Writers– Direct writers are also known within the insurance industry as “captive agents”.  They include companies such as State Farm, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual- to name a few.  As their name might suggest, captive agents can only sell products that are offered by their own company.  For example, Liberty Mutual can only offer a Liberty Mutual policy.  Although you may get some comfort with brand recognition, be careful not to limit your search to direct writers exclusively or you could be missing out on more competitive pricing.

Non-Admitted Companies– The last category includes companies that write insurance in New York State but are not recognized by the New York State Insurance department.  They offer very limited coverage’s at a high premium.  Poor credit or excessive claims could make non-admitted companies the only option.

List of Insurance Companies currently writing homeowners insurance in New York


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