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Coastal Insurance Solutions is the top authority when it comes to Arlington, New York and finding families great house insurance! We work with over 30 companies and can search the entire market in just one step, letting us give you the most competitive rate possible. We can send you proposals for review(up to 10) and help you pick the best company for you by checking out the rating, the price, and our claims experience. Our company understands that owning a home is a huge investment in many ways and protecting that home for you and your family is absolutely our top goal(followed by getting you the best price).
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About Arlington NY:

Arlington is a neighborhood on the North Shore of Staten Island, in New York City. It is a subsection of theMariners’ Harbor neighborhood, located north of the North Shore Rail Line ROW, and west of Harbor Road.

Arlington is the location of the Arlington Terrace Apartments on Holland Avenue.

Arlington residents are generally zoned for P.S. 44 (in Mariners’ Harbor) and I.S. 72 in Heartland Village. Nearby schools also include P.S. 22 and I.S. 51. The local high school is Port Richmond High School. A branch of the New York Public Library is planned for the community, to be located at 206 South Avenue. It is scheduled for completion in 2011.

Until March 31, 1953, Arlington was served by the Arlington station of the Staten Island Railway. As of 2013, Arlington is served by the S40, S46, and S48 local bus routes (and their rush-hour-only limited-stop counterparts, which are S90, S96, and S98 respectively); express bus routes in Arlington are the X12 and X42.

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