Flood Insurance Articles

5 Best Private Flood Insurance Companies

Flood insurance is often an afterthought, or an option waved off by homeowners when purchasing insurance coverage for their home. However, every year, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) pays nearly 25% of its claims on properties in low risk areas. Nature is...

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Flood Insurance Rules and Changes for 2020

FEMA’s new rules for 2020 still provide consumers with more freedom to manage their coverage and choose their preferred provider for flood insurance. A number of new changes accompany an increase in the average cost of flood insurance for consumers covered through the...

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How to Cancel a NFIP Flood Insurance Policy

Private Flood Insurance & Cancelling FEMA Flood Policy NFIP Cancellation Reason Code 26 Changes that became effective October 1st, 2018 (updated April 2019), are still in effect and provide flood insurance customers with greater freedom to choose their own...

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Flood Insurance Rules and Changes for 2019

For the new year, FEMA’s big changes from last year carry over, allowing consumers more freedom to choose their own provider for flood insurance. Details on new options are provided in the closing. For consumers choosing to keep or purchase policies provided through...

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