Coastal Insurance Solutions Gives Back to the Less Fortunate at the Inaugural Air Calvary Golf Outing

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” – Albert Einstein

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, I had the honor of volunteering as an event sponsor for the Inaugural Air Calvary Golf Outing at the beautiful Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington, NY.


Air Calvary Golf Outing – Fundraiser

Air Calvary is known as a non-profit organization, which provides aviation transportation and logistical assistance to third world countries, such as Honduras, Haiti and Gabon. The organization consists of a network of volunteers who support various mission projects throughout the course of the year. Their motto is, “Let us love, in truth and action”.

I can’t help but to think how fortunate we are to live in the United States. Whether we are injured or sick, we have immediate access to medical supplies. For many of us, all it takes is a short drive to the nearest pharmacy or hospital.

Men, women and children from third world countries are not as fortunate.  In many cases, some people have no other choice, but to bare the pain from an injury or illness. Worst case scenario, many people do not live long enough to even receive medical treatment.

It is good to know there are organizations out there like Air Calvary which will actually extend a helping hand and send medical supplies to the less fortunate.

At Coastal Insurance Solutions, we are looking forward to the next opportunity to give to the less fortunate.

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