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Coastal Insurance Solutions is the authority in homeowners insurance in East Setauket, New York.  Representing over 30 companies allows us to offer you the most competitive rate by checking the entire market in one quick easy step.  We will send you up to 10 FREE proposals for review and advise you which company we recommend based on price, rating and our own claims experience with that company.  We know the emotional and financial investment involved in owning a home and our dedication to protecting you and your family’s assets is our #1 priority.

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About East Setauket NY:

Setauket-East Setauket  more commonly known as the Setaukets (or that region’s core), is in Suffolk County, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. As of the 2010 United States Census, the CDP population was 15,477. The CDP encompasses the hamlets of Setauket (formerly West Setauket) and East Setauket. Founded in 1655, it is the first settlement and namesake, after anglicization, of the Town of Brookhaven.

Founded as an agricultural community in the mid-17th century, Setauket was a regional center of activity during the American Revolutionary War and is noted for the Culper spy ring and the Battle of Setauket. Many of Setauket’s early structures are intact and now form the Old Setauket Historic District. The Setaukets remain a mostly residential area, while bordering the more commercial enclaves of Port Jefferson and Stony Brook. The handful of businesses within the community largely cater to the over 24,500 students of Stony Brook University, which is adjacent to the CDP.

Following the 1873 completion of railroad service from New York City to Port Jefferson, the Setaukets began functioning as a summer resort town. Into the mid-20th century, relatively wealthy families started settling in the non-industrialized sections of the Setauket waterfront.

In the post-war era, Setauket experienced a population boom, as the remaining agricultural lots were filled in with residential developments. The Old Setauket Historic District was established to counteract this change and a sizeable proportion of Setauket’s housing stock continues to be pre-war. Extant historical homes include the 1709 Thompson House and the 1830 Sherwood-Jayne Museum. The Frank Melville Memorial Park was established in 1937 and preserves much of the land around the Setauket Mill Pond.

The Setaukets were also influenced by the philanthropy of Ward Melville, owner of what would become CVS Corporation, throughout the Three Village area. Melville founded Stony Brook University, the campus of which abuts the Setaukets on their western side. A minority of the University’s students and faculty now live in the Setaukets. Ward Melville also created a New England-style village district in neighbouring Stony Brook, being the closest commercial hub to Setauket’s western areas and complimenting the role of Port Jefferson to the east. East Setauket is home to Renaissance Technologies, one of America’s most profitable hedge funds, which was founded by Stony Brook University mathematics professor James Harris Simons.

In 2012, local politicians formed a planning committee for the section of New York State Route 25a bordering Stony Brook University, shared between Setauket and Stony Brook. Much of this corridor is currently underutilized, with a handful of businesses in small strip malls. The concept is to create a more walkable downtown area that may attract business from students and long-term residents alike.

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