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Coastal Insurance Solutions is one of the best authorities on homeowners insurance in Fulton Ferry, New York. We represent over thirty companies, which allows us to give you the most competitive rate on the market by checking the whole market quickly and easily. We can send you up to ten free proposals for review as well as advise you on companies we recommend based on their price, rating, and our own claims experiences with them. We know that owning a home is a big emotional and financial investment and are dedicated to protecting the assets of you and your family.

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About Fulton Ferry NY:

Fulton Ferry is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The neighborhood is named for Fulton Ferry, a prominent ferry line crossing the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and is also the name of the ferry slip on the Brooklyn side. The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 2.

The site was known as “Brookland Ferry” when George Washington escaped with his troops after the Battle of Long Island. After the Revolutionary War, ferrymaster Adolph Waldron gained sole control of the ferry by virtue of being the only Whig with a claim to it. He experimented with barges with little success, although his hold on the ferry was very profitable for him. The City refused to renew his lease in 1789, opting instead for a second major charter in 1795, establishing the Catherine Ferry (or, popularly, the “New” Ferry), a stock-based company.

Robert Fulton, at the behest of Brooklyn magnate Hezekiah Pierrepont, secured a 25-year lease on the ferry in 1814. The first trip of the steamboat Nassau was made on May 10, 1814, and brought with it the first predictable passage between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Trips took no longer than twelve minutes, and there was no chance of the ship being swept upstream or downstream, or held to the whims of the wind. Brooklyn Heights became known as “America’s First Suburb” as residents could commute to Manhattan with ease.

The shareholders of this line, now called Union Ferry, were mostly based in Manhattan; they tended to favor increased profits over improved service. (The stock paid a generous 7% dividend.) Fares started at four cents, which led to rival services at Red Hook and elsewhere. Union Ferry reduced its fare to one cent in stages between 1842 and 1850, bankrupting the competing lines and allowing Union Ferry to purchase their rights and raise rates once again.

The ferry continued to be successful until the 1883 opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. It stayed in service for another 41 years, ceasing operations in 1924. Demand was still sufficient to require the building of an elevated track to the hub, in use from 1888 to 1940.(The eastern end of the line is now used by the IND Eighth Avenue Line, served by the A C trains of the New York City Subway.)

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