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Coastal Insurance Solutions is one of the best authorities on homeowners insurance in Grant City, New York. We represent over thirty companies, which allows us to give you the most competitive rate on the market by checking the whole market quickly and easily. We can send you up to ten free proposals for review as well as advise you on companies we recommend based on their price, rating, and our own claims experiences with them. We know that owning a home is a big emotional and financial investment and are dedicated to protecting the assets of you and your family.

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About Grant City NY:

Grant City is the name of a neighborhood located on the East Shore of Staten Island, New York, USA. The island comprises one of the five boroughs of New York City.

To the east of Grant City lies Midland Beach, and a high cliff to the west of Richmond Road separates Grant City from Todt Hill. New Dorp is situated immediately south of Grant City. Dongan Hills is situated to the north.

Originally known as Frenchtown, the community was renamed in honor of Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant soon after the conflict began, despite the fact that the war itself was so unpopular on Staten Island that the island was the scene of anti-draft riots in July 1863. Many of the streets are named after historical figures such as Lincoln Ave (after President Abraham Lincoln), Fremont Ave (after General John C. Fremont who was the first Republican candidate for President, as well as a Staten Island resident, in 1856), Adams Avenue (after President John Adams), Colfax Ave (after Abraham Lincoln’s first Vice President)and Greeley Ave (after newspaper editor Horace Greeley). Many other streets were originally named after historical figures but those streets have been renamed.

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