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Coastal Insurance Solutions is well versed in house insurance for Grymes Hill, New York! We represent over thirty companies and we can give our customers a rate that is competitive that they will love. If you are interested, we can send you free proposals(up to ten) for you to check out. We are also able to advise you on companies that will work for you based on our claims experience as well as the prices and ratings. We understand that there is a lot that is invested when it comes to becoming a homeowner and we want to help you be protected.

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About Grymes Hill NY:

Grymes Hill is a neighborhood, situated upon a hill by that name, on Staten Island, in the U.S. state of New York, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

A local developer, Major Charles Howard, built many of the hill’s earliest homes, and his name survives in Howard Avenue, the hill’s main street; a portion of this street was known for a time as Serpentine Road due to the hill’s bedrock consisting of serpentinite. The neighborhood has many fine homes dating from the 1920s that overlook New York Harbor.

Grymes Hill is best noted currently for being the home of two institutions of higher learning: Wagner College, and the Staten Island campus of St. John’s University. The St. Johns campus of 16.5 acres (67,000 m2) was originally a small Catholic women’s institution,Notre Dame College, which closed in 1971, when St. Johns University took over the campus. Also on the hill is Notre Dame Academy, a Roman Catholic elementary and high school for girls. Adjacent to (and owned by) Wagner College is the site of a former Roman Catholic high school, named Augustinian Academy after the order of monks who ran it; the school closed in 1969. Near the foot of the hill, on Foote Avenue, is P.S. 35, the Clove Valley School. Also located on Grymes Hill is Casa Belvedere, a center for Italian culture and studies in Italian language and culture.

Much of Grymes Hill consists of private homes, but also included are the Grymes Hill Apartments, constructed in the late 1940s by Fred Trump. These are 423 garden apartments along Howard Avenue and Arlo Road. Grymes Hill Manor Estates was built in 1953 as rental garden apartments, and switched to co-op status in 1983. It has 152 apartments centering on Seth Court, with some on other streets. Two high rise apartment buildings at the foot of Howard Avenue converted to condominiums following a major fire in one. There are several apartment buildings on Victory Boulevard. Two new apartment buildings have been constructed facing the Staten Island Expressway. One was turned into condominiums in 2004. The other is being offered as senior citizen housing.

Grymes Hill includes two cemeteries, both located along Victory Boulevard. Woodland Cemetery dates back to the nineteenth century, and some headstones are in German, reflecting the population of the day. Silver Lake Cemetery also dates back to the nineteenth century, and was the original burial site for the Hebrew Free Burial Association.

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