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Manorville NY Home Insurance

Coastal Insurance Solutions is one of the leading authorities on homeowners insurance in Manorville. Representing over thirty companies lets our company give you the customer the best rate possible. We check the market in one quick step and send you up to ten proposals for review, all completely free! We will guide you and advise you on companies we personally recommend, comparing their rating, prices, and our own claims experience with them in order to protect you and your assets. We know that owning a home can be a huge investment, both financially and emotionally.

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About Manorville NY

For a hamlet that was until very recently a small farming community, Manorville boasts a long and significant history. The area now known as Manorville once lay within the huge tract of land known as Manor St. George, a land grant given to Col. William “Tangier” Smith in 1693 in recognition of his service as the governor of Tangier in Morocco. The hamlet was given its current name in 1844, when the Long Island Rail Roadbuilt a station at Manorville and named it “St. George’s Manor”. The station agent, Seth Raynor, who was a patriot during the Revolutionary War, disliked the name because it reminded him of the English and the colonial era (St. George, the patron saint of England, is a symbol of the English monarchy). One afternoon, he saw his wife painting the fence at his home. He took the paint can and brush and painted over the sign reading “St. George’s Manor”, leaving only the word “Manor”. Subsequently, it was changed to Manorville by the Post Office Department.

On April 9, 2012, several brush fires joined to ignite over 2,000 acres (810 ha) of woodland around Manorville, Ridge and Brookhaven. By the end of the day, the fires were intense enough to cause a closure of parts of the Long Island Expressway. As of 5:00 PM parts of Riverhead were placed under mandatory evacuation. Brush fires burned 1,124 acres (455 ha) of pine lands. About 600 firefighters from about 109 departments battled the fire with 30 brush trucks, 20 tankers, and 100 engines. Airdrops of water were made by a State Police helicopter.

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