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Coastal Insurance Solutions is the leader in homeowners insurance in Miller Place, New York.  Representing over 30 companies allows us to offer you the most competitive rate by checking the entire market in one quick easy step.  We will send you up to 10 FREE proposals for review and advise you which company we recommend based on price, rating and our own claims experience with that company.  Fill out the secure information form to get the best available price or give us a call to speak with our licensed, knowledgeable staff.

We know the emotional and financial investment involved in owning a home and our dedication to protecting you and your family’s assets is our #1 priority.


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Interesting Facts About Miller Place:

Miller Place contains a small pond, a beach, and a small park that contains a baseball field. There are also many historical buildings in Miller Place. However, nearly all lands are heavily developed by either suburban housing communities or commercial locations.

The area of Miller Place has been inhabited since the 17th century. Throughout most of its history, Miller Place has been an agricultural-based society. However, similarly to the changes in much of Long Island, the hamlet has transformed into a densely populated suburban area in recent decades.

Miller Place’s main business district is located on New York State Route 25A and includes mostly corporation-run locations, including a Starbucks, Subway, Ruby Tuesday, Applebee’s, Stop & Shop, Gamestop, Sprint/Nextel, and many other businesses. Also along this road are multiple pizza parlors, a bagel store, a deli, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, two gas stations, the law firm of Timothy R. Davies, Esq, and Beanberry Caffe, a local coffee and wine bar.

McNulty’s, a family-run and owned ice cream parlor, is a fixture in the hamlet, and a popular destination point.


The four schools of the Miller Place Union Free School District are scattered throughout the hamlet and serve both Miller Place and much of the hamlet of Sound Beach. These include the Andrew Muller Primary School (K-2), Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School (3–5), North Country Road Middle School (6–8), and the Miller Place High School (9–12). The high school has been ranked the 78th in the nation for students taking AP classes.

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