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We know the emotional and financial investment involved in owning a home, that’s why Coastal Insurance Solutions is the leader in homeowners insurance.  Serving Mount Sinai, New York since 1979 we are dedicated to protecting you and your family’s assets. We will send you up to 10 FREE proposals for review and advise you which company we recommend based on price, rating and our own claims experience with that company.

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Interesting Facts About Mount Sinai:

Geologic origin

The glaciers from the north deposited sediments that now make up the foundation of Long Island. As the global climate warmed, melting ice and flowing waters eroded the dropped glacial sediments into the shape of a land called “Pamanouk”, now called Long Island. The island’s northern bluffs were interrupted by several rivers and a number of harbors. One of these is now Mount Sinai Harbor.

After the glaciers receded, a barren land became available for habitation. Plants, animals, and fungi settled the landscape. A succession of different ecological communities developed through time on Long Island. New flora and fauna flourished. Human explorers noted these bountiful places on the island. Soon other humans started to establish permanent communities.

Native Americans

Nonowatuck, or “stream that dries up”, was the first name given to the area we now know as Mount Sinai. This name was used by the members of the Seatocots family of native Americans who lived here. Numerous archeological sites document that the harbor of Mount Sinai was home for human residents for thousands of years.

An investigation of an archeological site at Hopkin’s Landing, on Pipe Stave Hollow Road, yielded features that provided clues to these first residents. Shallow oval basins were lined with fire-cracked rock. The basins contained shell, bone fragments and debitage from stone tool-making. Evidently these first residents enjoyed deer and bay scallops. Charcoal fragments from this site dated back approximately 4,000 years. Thus, native Americans, the first residents of Mount Sinai, lived in a self-sustaining community from about 2000 B.C. until the late 17th century. They were nourished by the bounty of the land and the harbor.

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