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Coastal Insurance Solutions is the leader in homeowners insurance in Sands Point, New York.  Representing over 30 companies allows us to offer you the most competitive rate by checking the entire market in one quick easy step.  We will send you up to 10 FREE proposals for review and advise you which company we recommend based on price, rating and our own claims experience with that company.  Fill out the secure information form to get the best available price or give us a call to speak with our licensed, knowledgeable staff.

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Interesting Facts About Sands Point:

Sands Point is a village located at the northernmost tip of the Cow Neck Peninsula on the North Shore of Long Island in Nassau County, New York, United States. The Incorporated Village of Sands Point lies within the town of North Hempstead. The population was 2,786 at the 2000 census.

The town and “The Great Gatsby”

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Sands Point (Port Washington/Manhasset neck) was referred to as “East Egg”. East Egg residents inherited their fortunes and were considered more respected than the nouveau riche in newer “West Egg” (Great Neck/Kings Point) because Sands Point had “old money.” The story’s fictional Buchanans lived in the western part of Sands Point. Reports incorrectly suggest that Fitzgerald – while he was a guest at the mansion of Herbert Bayard Swope on Hoffstot Lane at Prospect Point in Sands Point 40.868887°N 73.714147°W – used the site and its parties as his inspiration for the fictional Buchanan home in East Egg. The home may have served as one of the many inspirations, as Fitzgerald did likely visit it during his time living in Great Neck (1922–24), but not as a guest of Swope. Fitzgerald left Great Neck for Paris in 1924, prior to Swope buying that mansion. The likely story with regard to Swope is that Fitzgerald and his good friend Ring Lardner would observe many parties held at the home Swope was residing in during the time Fitzgerald was actually living in the area. This Swope residence was adjacent to Lardner’s home on Shore Road in Great Neck, and is not extant, though Lardner’s mansion is still standing.

Another Sands Point mansion, situated next to the Sands Point Light and across a shallow bay from Prospect Point, was Beacon Towers. Scholars believe that it served as one of the many inspirations for Jay Gatsby’s mansion in the novel, though Gatsby lived on the eastern side of Kings Point, in the novel. The extravagant Gothic-style residence was built by Alva Belmont, formerly Alva Vanderbilt, in 1918. It was demolished in 1945.




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