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Coastal Insurance Solutions is the leader in homeowners insurance in Wading River, New York.  Representing over 30 companies allows us to offer you the most competitive rate by checking the entire market in one quick easy step.  We will send you up to 10 FREE proposals for review and advise you which company we recommend based on price, rating and our own claims experience with that company.  Fill out the secure information form to get the best available price or give us a call to speak with our licensed, knowledgeable staff.

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Interesting Facts About Wading River:

Most of Wading River lies within the Town of Riverhead, but a small portion is in the Town of Brookhaven. The name of the hamlet comes from the original Algonquian name for the area, Pauquaconsuk, meaning “the place where we wade for thick, round-shelled clams”. “Wading in the River” or Wading River was adopted by the first English colonists.

Until 1947

Between 1895 and 1938, the Port Jefferson Branch of the Long Island Rail Road extended to Wading River. It was once planned to continue eastward to rejoin the Main Line at Riverhead or Calverton. From 1905 to 1928, Wading River was also the site of an LIRR demonstration farm. Another was east of Medford Station on the Main Line. The Wading River station closed in 1938. The hamlet of Wading River had a year-round population of less than 500. But during the summer months, hundreds of visitors filled the town to use Wildwood State Park, the cottages on the cliffs and dunes and, of course, the beaches.


This year was a landmark year of change for the sleepy little hamlet; noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Returning service men from World War II began building homes in Wading River
  • The formation of Wading River’s own volunteer fire department, Wading River Fire Department
  • The military installation known as Camp Upton was converted for use as Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • The Wading River Historical Society was formed.





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