Are Children In A Dorm Room Covered By A Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Children in dorm covered by homeowners

Are Children In A Dorm Room Covered By A Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

There are a lot of things to worry about when sending your student off to college. Since they usually need expensive electronics at school, it’s only natural that you’d like to insure them. The good news is that a standard homeowners insurance policy usually provides coverage away from the premises, but just to be sure, you need to carefully read your policy in order to learn more about the coverage and whether you may have to purchase extra insurance.

Your Policy

Coverage is always dependent on the type of homeowners insurance policy you get. For instance, an HO-Two policy covers only sixteen specified perils, while a HO-Three policy covers any type of peril that’s not that is not explicitly excluded. In the event you file a claim, you are going to be reimbursed for the amount of money it costs to replace your items, but only within the policy’s limits. However, if you want, you can get cash value coverage for contents that depreciate your items. Such provisions are on top of the dollar restrictions of the policy of your choice.

Dorm Coverage

You need to inform (in writing) your insurance agent that your student will be living in a college dormitory. He’ll offer you valuable info if you also decide to call him. Make sure to carefully review your policy regarding the type of coverage you get and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask the agent for more info.

In general, off premises coverage is 10% of the amount of coverage purchased for contents. For instance, you may have 200 thousand dollars of liability coverage from your homeowners policy, but it could be that you’re only going to get seventy percent of that amount in coverage. That’s 140 thousand on a 200 thousand dollar policy and as a result, the student will only have 14 thousand dollars coverage which may be subject to a deductible. After doing the math, you’ll realize you may need to get separate insurance.

Renters Insurance

Even though off-premises coverage is included under your homeowner’s insurance policy, renters insurance is your best bet for both you and your student. The yearly cost is about two hundred dollars and if you want, you may purchase insurance with very low deductibles (as low as twenty five dollars. This type of policy is known as an HO-4 policy and its main advantage is that making a claim on it won’t impact your homeowners insurance policy’s rates or the policy itself. Compared to a homeowners off premises policy, the renters insurance policy generally covers more losses and even more perils.


Before your student leaves for college, you need to take inventory of everything that goes out the door. You also need to take video and photos of everything. For valuable and expensive equipment, you need to keep receipts so any claims can be easily documented. Along with the receipts, you should also keep a record of serial numbers and models.





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