Are DIY Projects Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance?

Home Improvements - Home InsuranceDo you have a DIY project to do in your home? If you do, you should know that some projects are covered by your home insurance while others are not.

Let’s assume that you and your spouse decided to undertake a summer project and chose to remodel your bathroom. Since both of you enjoy DIY projects, you decided to handle the remodeling yourselves.

As responsible adults, you got all the proper permits before starting the project. Once you got the permits, you properly installed a new shower and successfully completed all the other changes you wanted to make to your bathroom, making sure everything was up to code.

A few months after you completed the project, you notice a leak in the bathroom, which means you have to do some more work to fix it.

Since you have homeowners insurance, you assume the insurance company will cover the repair costs. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

When it comes to DIY projects; your homeowners insurance covers repairs even if the work was done by you instead of a contractor. The only problem is most insurance policies only cover you if the damage was sudden or accidental.

How Do You Know If Your Homeowners Insurance Covers Your DIY Damage Repairs?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Most homeowner’s insurance policies have workmanship exclusions that apply whether the work was done by the homeowner or a licensed contractor.

If the insurance company feels that the damage was caused by faulty workmanship and wasn’t an accidental occurrence, the repairs won’t be covered by your policy. If you did the work yourself, you don’t have any option but to pay for the repairs yourself.

However, if you hired a contractor to do the project for you, the contractor is responsible for the damage and can be sued for the repairs.

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