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When buying a home in New York, there’s a lot to learn and deal with. This is equally true when it comes to learning about homeowners insurance. It’s 2015, and there’s no time to be dealing with purchasing a sub-par policy or getting an online home insurance quote that isn’t what you’re looking for. There are many local and national home insurance companies that are just itching to get your business. But at the end of the day, you want a company that’s going to be committed to getting the policy that’s best for you, not just committed to getting your cash in their pocket.

One of the reasons why Coastal Insurance stands out among all the other companies out there is that they obtain multiple quotes from different companies. This allows them to give you the best selection of companies as well as quotes so that you get the selection of some of the best pricing around. Home insurance companies that perform well in Price, Claims, and Coverage are the types of companies they like to introduce you to. Sure, lots of companies offer coverage. But Coastal wants you to have the best of the best.


At the end of the day, the best way to find the ideal option for you is to get an online quote. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what the average rates are for insurance in your location. To get the best estimate for what your home insurance will cost, use Coastal Insurance’s online quote. It will give you an informed look at what the insurance prices from some of the best insurance providers look like.

An example of what insurance prices may look like from some insurance providers, here is an example of quotes received for a home in New York.

  1. Naragansset Bay Insurance Company (Non-Rated by AMbest): $149/month
  2. Travelers Insurance: $124.08/month
  3. Cambridge Mutual-The Andover Companies: $115/month

As you can see, Cambridge Mutual came out to be cheaper than the other two providers. That can add up to be big savings in the end for you.

Coastal Insurance knows what info insurance companies need for a quote, so with them, you only have to fill out your form once and they will handle the rest. Standard information needed are things like, your address, the home value, square footage, amount of stories, the deductible, the appraisal value, and the liability amount.

The great thing about Coastal Insurance online quote is that you determine the exact type of coverage you want, select the level of your deductible, and choose the payment terms. They take the legwork out of having to contact multiple insurance companies yourself and really puts the power in your hands to find the cheapest policy.

You also may be able to avoid leaving money on the table by taking advantage of discounts. All New York homeowners insurance companies offer discounts, and if you take advantage of a multi-policy discount and bundle with a home insurance policy and auto insurance policy, you can massively drop your monthly rate and save hundreds for the year. Discounts you may be eligible for include a multiple-policy discount with the same providers, a protective device discount, a claim-free discount, exclusive group savings, newly purchased and newly renovated home, early shopper discount, and insured to value discount. om7inW 1

Some of the best New York home insurance companies have a great deal of discounts available that can help keep your premium low. If you do not like your current policy or think it is too expensive, you can receive a quote with providers that give you discounts that are more appropriate for you and your profile. You can get great online home insurance quotes with Coastal Insurance or contact them in order to find out more. Keep your premium low and get the best deal possible. Take advantage of Coastal’s knowledge of the best companies to get your policies with. Reach out to Coastal Insurance Solutions today!

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