Flood Insurance For Nassau County NY Homes

Every year, especially in late spring and early summer, people start asking themselves if they should really get flood insurance or just forget about it.

Flood Insurance for Nassau Residents

Flood Insurance for Nassau Residents

As you can see, it’s not only the homes on the coast that are affected by hurricanes, but inland flooding generally takes place with land falling tropical systems.

You shouldn’t disregard hurricanes and the damages they can bring. These natural phenomena are able to completely wipe out your property, including causing life-threatening hazards, such as tornadoes, high winds, storm surge and of course, flooding. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself properly against the dangers hurricanes bring, you need to prepare accordingly. Among these, consider getting flood insurance for your home in Nassau County.

Hurricanes are very well known for causing heavy rains which often leads to massive flood damage in both inland and coastal areas. Everyone is at risk for damage by flooding.  The only way to properly protect your property is to purchase a flood insurance policy. It only takes a single storm to destroy your area.  The last thing you want is to be hung out to dry.

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You may think that your home is protected against flood damage, but your homeowner’s insurance policy specifically excludes the peril flood.  Many Long Islanders learned this the hard way, especially residents along the south shore of Nassau County during Hurricane Sandy in 2011.  These residents experienced tremendous flood damage that resulted mostly from tidal water and not winds.

So, do you need flood insurance? The answer becomes very clear.  Yes, you absolutely need flood insurance and need it fast, since many flood policies take 30 days before coverage takes force.  The minute a new storm is discovered in the Atlantic, insurance companies quickly restrict binding on new policies.  Even if they allowed you to purchase a policy, it would be subject to a 30-day wait- except for a loan closing.

Getting flood insurance for your Nassau County property is the best way to cover your assets in the event of a flood. To get a free flood policy quote please click on the link below:

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