The 5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In New York

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You will find that there are many insurance companies willing to give you excellent coverage for a lower price. With that being said, here are the top 5 best homeowners insurance companies you definitely need to check out when looking for insurance in New York.

The 5 best homeowners insurance companies in NY

1. Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual is one of the best insurance companies in New York and it has actually earned the highest score from JD Power and Associates for thirteen years in a row. They have been given an A.M. Best rating of A++ is a credit issuer and for their financial strength as well. Therefore, Amica Mutual is by far one of the best choices people of New York can consider when looking for affordable homeowners insurance policies.

What’s great about Amica’s policy is that it can provide coverage for a wide range of damages including potential liability claims filed against you. The coverage is still effective even if you’re away from home and can pay for any necessary repairs that can contribute to preventing further damage.

The company has plenty of extra (flexible) coverage that can be adapted based on your needs and budget. Discount options can apply if you decide to combine claim free policies, alarm systems, and/or higher deductibles. If you need any help in understanding any of these, then don’t worry, since their helpful customer representatives can explain everything to you.

2. Nationwide

Given the fact that Nationwide has also received an A+ rating from AM Best and a five-star rating from JD Power and Associates, you can have the peace of mind that they’ll help you get through any potential claims process fast and hassle-free. New York’s northeast weather is very unpredictable and Nationwide caters specifically to people living in this part of the state.

What this means is that if your belongings have been stolen as a result of a burglary or natural disasters, then the company is going to replace them for you. The claims process is very simple and it allows you to easily recover from many types of disasters.

Thanks to their low rates and discounts of up to twenty percent (when buying multiple policies), as well as their partnership with Plenti, you can easily earn points and then use them in order to pay for your premium.

3. Liberty Mutual

Anyone who wants to buy a homeowners insurance policy for a good discount should certainly consider Liberty Mutual. Discounts are offered to clients who have recently renovated or bought a new home, belong to specific organizations or businesses that are part of the company’s group savings network, did not file a claim for a set amount of time and those who have more than one policy through the company. To learn more about other applicable discounts, be sure to check Liberty Mutual’s official webpage.

On top of that, Liberty Mutual also has a downloadable app that clients can use in emergency situations. The app can be used to track existing claims, report claims, upload receipts, but also take pictures of the damage.

4. Travelers

Travelers is recognized as a very reliable, adequately priced, and well-rated homeowners insurance provider in New York, having a rating of A+ with AM Best. They also have four-point three out of five-star rating for customer satisfaction.

Travelers make it a breeze for potential customers to save with their many discounts offered. The company offers a five percent discount for those who have a certified green home which not only positively affects taxes, but also your monthly insurance premium and the environment.

5. Allstate

Known as the company that serves a large part of the entire homeowners’ insurance market, Allstate provides multiple discounts, personalized coverage options, as well as plenty of educational tools that can help potential clients learn more about the specific type of coverage they may be interested in purchasing.

You can also use their various resources, including the multiple calculators and the Premium Gauge tool that makes it a breeze to understand how various factors can influence your monthly premium. To check whether you qualify for a discount, like those for retirees, new homes or new clients, be sure to browse their website.

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